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  1. Step migration
  2. Relative distance
  3. Nomadism
  4. Refugee
  5. Intranational refugees
  1. a movement among a definite set of places -- often cyclical movement.
  2. b people who have been dislocated involuntarily from their original place of settlement
  3. c refugees who have abandoned their town or village but not their village
  4. d migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages
  5. e distance measurment not in linear terms such as miles or kilometers but but in terms such as cost and time

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  1. refugees encamped in a host country or host region while waiting for resettlement
  2. refugees who have crossed one or more international boundries during their dislocation and who now find themselves encamped in a different country
  3. aversge of number of children born to a woman during her lifetime, as expressed for a total population.
  4. government policy designed to favor one racial sector over others
  5. graphic representation of a population according to age and sex.

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  1. Absolute distancethe physical distance between two points usually measured in miles or kilometers


  2. Forced migrationhuman migration flows in which the movers have no choice but to relocate.


  3. Natural increasepopulation growth measured as the excess of live births over deaths per 1000 individuals per year


  4. Stationary population levelthe number of people per unit area of arable land


  5. Absolute directiona compass direction such as north or south


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