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  1. Refugee
  2. Expansive population policy
  3. Cencus
  4. External migration
  5. Push factors
  1. a gov. policy that encourages large families and raises the rate of population growth.
  2. b migration across an international border
  3. c a periodic and official count of a countrys population
  4. d negative conditions and perceptions that induce people to leave their abode and migrate to a new locale.
  5. e people who have been dislocated involuntarily from their original place of settlement

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  1. the level at which a national population ceases to grow.
  2. refugees who have crossed one or more international boundries during their dislocation and who now find themselves encamped in a different country
  3. positive conditions and perceptions that effectively attract people to new locales from other areas
  4. a measurement of the number of people per given unit of land
  5. describes the number of babies that die within the first year of their lives

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  1. Relative distancedistance measurment not in linear terms such as miles or kilometers but but in terms such as cost and time


  2. Internal migrationmigration across an international border


  3. Cyclic movementmovement- for example, nomadic migration-- a closed route repeated annually or seasonally


  4. Nomadismmovement among a definite set of places -- often cyclical movement.


  5. Forced migrationhuman migration flows in which the movers have no choice but to relocate.


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