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  1. Nomadism
  2. Intervening opportunity
  3. Restrictive population policy
  4. Stationary population level
  5. Demography
  1. a movement among a definite set of places -- often cyclical movement.
  2. b the presence of a nearer opportunity that diminishes the attractivness of sites farther away
  3. c the study of patterns and rates of population change, including birth and death rates, migration trends, and evolving population distribution patterns.
  4. d government policy designed to reduce the rate of natural increase.
  5. e the level at which a national population ceases to grow.

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  1. human migration flows in which the movers have no choice but to relocate.
  2. migration to a distant destination that occurs in stages
  3. migration across an international border
  4. refugees who have crossed one or more international boundries during their dislocation and who now find themselves encamped in a different country
  5. a person migrating away from a country or area; an outmigrant

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  1. Temporary refugeesrefugees encamped in a host country or host region while waiting for resettlement


  2. Refugeea periodic and official count of a countrys population


  3. Permanent refugeesrefugees who have been substantially integrated into the host country or host region and who are thus seen as long-term visitors


  4. Arithmetic population densitythe number of people per unit area of arable land


  5. crude death ratethe amount of deaths


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