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  1. crude death rate
  2. Population explosion
  3. Infant mortality
  4. Demography
  5. Eugenic population policy
  1. a the study of patterns and rates of population change, including birth and death rates, migration trends, and evolving population distribution patterns.
  2. b the amount of deaths
  3. c describes the number of babies that die within the first year of their lives
  4. d government policy designed to favor one racial sector over others
  5. e the rapid growth of the worlds human population during the past centry.

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  1. migration across an international border
  2. population growth measured as the excess of live births over deaths per 1000 individuals per year
  3. the various degenerative effects of distance on human spatial structures and interactions
  4. government policy designed to reduce the rate of natural increase.
  5. refugees who have abandoned their town or village but not their village

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  1. Emigrationa change in residence intended to be permanent


  2. Physiologic population densitythe population of a country or region expressed as an average per unit.


  3. Step migrationmigration to a distant destination that occurs in stages


  4. Intervening opportunitydescribes the number of babies that die within the first year of their lives


  5. Push factorspositive conditions and perceptions that effectively attract people to new locales from other areas


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