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  1. ambidextrous
  2. gibe
  3. verbatim
  4. warily
  5. gape
  1. a (v) to utter taunting words (n) an expression of scorn
  2. b (v) to stare with open mouth
  3. c (adj, adv) word for word, exactly as written or spoken
  4. d (adv) cautiously, with great care
  5. e (adj) able to use both hands equally well

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  1. (v) to corrupt
  2. (n) courage in facing difficulties
  3. (n) a mask, an external appearance
  4. (adj) experimental in nature, uncertain
  5. (adj) not combed, untidy, not properly maintained

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  1. intimation(n) a hint, indirect suggestion


  2. opulent(v) to make larger, increase


  3. insidious(n) a hint, indirect suggestion


  4. augment(adj) wealthy, luxuious, grandiose


  5. stolid(adj) not easily moved mentally or emotionally, dull, unresponsive


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