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The nurse makes a list of symptoms that the patient who is on methimazole (Tapazole), a thionamide drug, should report, which list includes (select all that apply):

abdominal pain
becoming pregnant
blood in the stool

The nurse explains to the patient that the presurgical protocol of antithyroid drugs is given to (select all that apply):

Decrease the level of hormone in the blood prior to surgery
Decrease the threat of thyroid storm
Reduce exophthalmia
Help reduce the risk of hemorrhage during surgery

The nurse caring for a hyperthyroid patient would include in the nursing care plan implementations for (select all that apply):

Provision of a cool environment
Prevention of diarrhea
Nutritional support
Eye care

In order to meet the nutritional needs of a patient with Graves' disease, the nurse recommends a diet of ____ to ____ calories

4000 - 5000

The nurse recommends the use of salt that is iodized because iodized salt:

Can prevent the development of goiter in adults and cretinism in infants

The patient with Graves' disease asks the nurse for additional information regarding this disease. The nurse responds:

"Your thyroid gland is overactive. There are ways to treat it -- through medicine or surgery"

The patient has been given an antithyroid drug called propylthiouracil. Appropriate nursing implementation include:

Teaching her to watch for and report any signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism or infections

An older woman comes to the office with vague complaints of fatigue, lethargy, being forgetful, lacking energy, and always being cold. She apologizes for taking up the clinic's time, because her problems don't seem too severe. The best response would be:

"You are right to report any changes. We need to know that we can give you the best care."

The nurse instructs the patient is scheduled to have a radioactive iodine uptake to:

Wash hands with soap and water after each urination for 24 hours after the test

The patient has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. The nursing diagnoses that best applies is:

Disturbed Sleep Pattern related to metabolic disturbance.

The patient asks about his lab test, which showed a high level of TSH and a low level of T4. You explain:

"The TSH is sending a message to your thyroid gland to increase production, but your thyroid isn't doing that."

A young woman makes an appointment to see a physician at the clinic. She complains of tiredness, weight gain, muscle aches and pain, and constipation. The physician will likely order:

T3 and T4 serum level laboratory tests

The nurse's technique in assessing for bleeding in a patient who has had a thyroidectomy for bleeding, would be to:

Check behind his neck and upper back to detect excess drainage

An older patient wondered why the doctor has decraesed her daily dose of thyroid hormone. The nurse's best response would be that the decrased dose is because:

"Your lab tests indicate that you need less medication, but we'll watch your response."

Your patient who is being treated for hyperparathyroidism is receiving calcitonin. This action of this hormone is to:

Inhibit release of calcium from the bones.

A thyroid scan (123I) has been ordered for the patient. The nurse explains it as:

"You will be given a liquid to drink, and then a few hours later, they will take images of your neck."

The patient who has hypothyroidism can live a full and normal life if he is:

Treated with thyroid replacement therapy

Your neighbor complains of being cold all the time. In addition, she looks depressed and very weary. You suspect that she may have a thyroid deficiency. All the following are nursing diagnoses for hypothyroidism except:

Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than Body Requirements related to intake less than metabolic needs

The nurse assessing a 1 day postoperative subtotal thyroidectomy patient notes that the color is poor, the pulse and respirations are rapid, and the patient feels warm to the touch. The patient says that she feels frightened. The nurse's initial Implemntation should be:

Call the charge nurse; these are signs of thyroid storm

To address the nursing diagnosis Risk for Impaired Skin Integrity related to dry skin, in the patient with hypothyroidism, the nurse would:

Apply lotions and creams to help maintain moisture, and elevate lower extremities when sitting or lying.

An appropriate nursing diagnosis for a patient with hyperparathyroidism would be:

Impaired urinary eleimination related to renal calculi

The patient, seeking additional information about her diagnosis of hypothyroidism, asks if this condition has been present since infancy. The nurse responds:

"No, when infants have it, they have severe mental and physical retardation."

An appropriate nursing diagnosis for a patient with hypoparathyroidism would be:

Decraesed cardiac output related to hypocalcemia.

The patient, newly diagnosed with hypothyroidism, seems very anxious to begin her drug regimen. The nurse's instructions include:

"Know the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism."

In order to check for Chvostek's sign, the nurse will:

Tap the face over the facial nerve and watch for a spasm of the facial muscle

The hyperthyroid patient complains of fatigue, but still cannot get to sleep. The nurse suggests:

Adhering to a bedtime ritual

On returning from surgery after undergoing a thyroidectomy, the patient is alarmed about the large tracheostomy tray on the bedside table. When she asks why it is there, the nurse replies:

"We have it there as a precautionary measure in the unlikely event that you have difficulty breathing."

The nurse would anticipate that the patient with hyperparathyroidism would exhibit:

Poor muscle tone, bone pain, hypertension, fractures

The nurse will include in the pre-surgical teaching of a patient scheduled for a subtotal thyroidectomy that the patient will have to:

Demonstrate how to deep breathe and support her head during position changes.

The thyroid galnd is located in the _____.

Anterior neck

Of the follwoing information obtained during a heatlh history, what would indicate a possible thyroid problem?

Has gained 15 pounds in the past 3 months

Why are vital signs important in assessing thyroid function?

Vital signs reflect the metabolic rate

If a patient has hypothyroidism, what would the thyroid stimulating hormone level be?


The most visible sign of Graves' disease is _____.

Weight loss

Facial edema that is associated with long-term untreated hypothyroidism is called _____.


Thyroid storm is prevented by administering what medication before a thyroidectomy?

Antithyroid drugs

Enlargement of the thyroid gland is called _____.


What is the function of the parathyroid glands

Regulate serum calcium levels

The most common cause of hyperparathyroidism is _____.


Metabolic syndrome is characterized by

Insulin resistance

Insulin is released in the body in response to the ingestion of


HHNKS is differentiated from DKA by

Absence of urine ketones

Elevated insulin levels circulating in the blood of patients with diabetes contributre to the premature development of:


The electrolyte of primary concern in ketoacidosis is:


Which organ of the body can survive without insulin to transport glucose into it?


HHNKS is primarily caused by:

Fluid volume deficit

Regular insulin is:

Short acting

Insulin can be absorbed all of the followign ways except:


The oral diabetic medication that must be held before and after any contrast dye


A patient with hyperthyroidism does not tolerate heat well because of:

Increased metabolic rate

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