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An object that acquires an excess of electrons becomes a

negatively charged object

Most likely to acquire an electrostatic charge

electric nonconductor

A quantity of electric charge is measured in a unit called a


The unit that describes the potential differences that occurs when a certain amount of work is used to move a certain quantity of charge is called the


An electric current is measured in units of


In an electric current, the electrons are moving

at a very slow rate

If you multiply amps x volts, the answer will be in units of


The unit of resistance is the


Compared to a thick wire, a thin wire of the same length, material, and temperature has

more electric resistance

A permanent magnet has magnetic properties because

the magnetic fields of electrons are aligned

A current-carrying wire has a magnetic field around it because

a moving charge produces a magnetic field of its own

A step-up transformer steps up the


The time required for a vibrating object to complete one full cycle is the


The unit of cycles per second is called a


The period of a vibrating object is related to the frequency, since they are

inversely proportional

A longitudinal mechanical wave causes particle of a material to move

back and forth in the same direction the wave is moving

Transverse mechanical waves will only move through


Longitudinal mechanical waves will only move through

solids, liquids, and gases

The characteristic of a wave that is responsible for what you interpret as pitch is the wave


The number of cycles that a vibrating tuning fork experiences each second is related to the resulting sound wave characteristics of


Sound waves travel faster in

solids, as compared to liquids, liquids as compared to gases, and warm air as compared to cooler air

An object is hot enough to emit a dull red glow. When this object is heated even more, it will emit

shorter-wavelength, higher-frequency radiation

The difference in the light emitted from a candle, an incandescent lightbulb, and the Sun is basically from differences in


Before it travels through Earth's atmosphere, sunlight is mostly

infrared radiation

You are able to see in shaded areas, such as under a tree, because light has undergone

diffuse reflection

The ratio of the speed of light in a vacuum to the speed of light in some transparent materials is called

the index of refraction

Any part of the electromagnetic spectrum, including the colors of visible light, can be measured in units of

wavelength, frequency, and/or energy

A prism separates the colors of sunlight into a spectrum because

each wavelength of light has its own index of refraction

What can only be explained by a wave model of light?


The polarization behavior of light is best explained by considering light to be

transverse waves

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