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  1. adj. Not given to action or reaction; sluggish or calm in temperament.
  2. v. To roam in search of plunder.
  3. adj. Relating to usefulness rather than beauty; practical.
  4. v To place or come between; to intervene or interrupt.
  5. adj. Easily angered; quick-tempered.

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  1. opulentadj. Having or exhibiting great wealth or abundance.


  2. comportv. 1. To behave or conduct oneself.
    2. To be in accord or agreement. Used with with.


  3. aggrievedn. A member of the nobility.
    adj. Of noble birth; showing refinement of taste or manners.


  4. modicumv. To roam in search of plunder.


  5. disconcertv. To disrupt the self-ossession or confidence of; to perturb or fluster.


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