Chapter 8 - Networking

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Network operating systems are essential if the network is going to allow multiple users to share resources.


Users cannot interact directly with the operating system through a shell.


In reality, a multitasking operating system runs only one program at a time.


The resources that a network operating system must manage typically include one or more network servers.


A network operating system does not perform network support functions.


Microsoft Windows 7 is an example of a desktop operating system.


NetWare 6 was the last version of Novell's network operating system.


A bindery contains the data that pertains only to the server it resides in.


The design of a tree should ideally be similar to a pyramid.


NetWare 5 dropped the NDS distributed database of network resources.


Windows 2008 Server is a network operating system designed to run over a network of microcomputer workstations and provide file sharing and peripheral sharing.


It is not possible to create a Windows Server network with multiple domains.


Unlike NetWare's NDS, Active Directory creates a hierarchical structure of resources.


Unix is often found with a text-based interface, although graphical user interfaces are available.


Shortly after its introduction, the Unix software was rewritten in the popular C++ programming language.


Unix runs on the widest variety of hardware of any network operating system.


Linux shares many of the same advantages and disadvantages of Unix.


Linux software cannot support e-mail servers, Web servers, FTP servers, file/print servers, firewalls, proxy servers, and Domain Name System (DNS) servers.


Mac OS X Server is based on the Unix concept.


A network operating system needs a host machine from which to operate.


Network servers only include mainframe computers.


Many of the higher-power network servers support not one but multiple processors.


A network server requires at least three connections to the network in the form of a network interface card.


When peer-to-peer networks first appeared roughly 30 years ago, they were serverless networks.


Recently, business and home computer users have been victims of another type of intrusion from unscrupulous outsiders—spyware.


Wireless sniffers cannot detect how far wireless signals reach.


Browsers allow users to download and view World Wide Web pages.


When a software package is installed on a multiuser system, it is not possible for multiple users to execute multiple copies of the single program.


Every software company may create its own brand of user licenses and may name them something unique.


"Wireless Ethernet" is a local area network that is not based primarily on physical wiring but uses wireless transmissions between workstations.


Wireless local area networks are typically found in seven basic configurations.


In the wireless LAN ad hoc layout configuration, each user device communicates directly with the other user devices.


The ____ manages all the other programs (applications) and resources (such as disk drives, memory, and peripheral devices) in a computer.
a. print server
b. operating system
c. file server
d. user system

operating system

A modern operating system must provide various levels of operating system ____, including directory and file security, memory security, and resource security.
a. size
b. memory
c. security
d. space


A(n) ____ sends messages to applications, an interactive user, or a system operator about the status of the current operation.
a. operating system
b. router
c. hub
d. switch

operating system

Popular operating systems for microcomputers include Mac OS X, ____, Linux, and the various forms of Windows XP/Vista/7.
a. OS/390
b. AS/400
c. DEC's VMS
d. Unix


The ____ server is usually a high-powered workstation that maintains a large file system of data sets, user profiles, and access information about all the network peripherals.
a. network
b. file
c. print
d. operating system


A ____ operating system should be capable of supporting the applications and tools necessary to support Internet operations.
a. print
b. network
c. file
d. memory


____ was founded in 1983 and was one of the first developers of network operating systems.
a. Compaq
b. HP
c. Novell
d. Gateway


____ is an intelligent system that authenticates users and includes a distributed database of information about every application, user, server, and resource on a network.
a. NetWare Directory Services (NDS)
b. Active Directory
d. X.509

NetWare Directory Services (NDS)

An interesting feature shared by all versions of NetWare is that the ____ is virtually invisible to the user.
a. login process
b. logout process
c. user interface
d. loading process

user interface

The ____ network operating systems were the first to perform redirection on a local area network.
a. Linux
b. Unix
c. Windows NT
d. Novell


The first version of NetWare to gain widespread popularity was ____.
a. Version 1
b. Version 3
c. Version 5
d. Version 6

Version 3

One of NetWare Version 3's main features is the ____.
a. bindery
c. X.509
d. iPrint


The ____ of NetWare version 3 holds information about other services provided by the server to the client, such as printer, modem, and switch/router access information.
a. iPrint
b. iClient
c. Remote Manager
d. bindery


NetWare ____ introduced NetWare Directory Services (NDS).
a. Version 2
b. Version 3
c. Version 4
d. Version 6

Version 4

NDS is based on a well-known standard for directory services called ____.
a. X.300
b. X.500
c. X.600
d. X.700


On most network operating systems, the client workstation must be loaded with a substantial set of software. With ____, all a user needs on his or her client workstation is a Web browser.
a. NetWare 3
b. NetWare 4
c. NetWare 5
d. NetWare 6

NetWare 6

NetWare ____ server gives any authorized client anywhere on the Internet the ability to print and use storage services.
a. 3
b. 4
c. 5
d. 6


First released in August 1996, Windows ____ contained a number of significant features that quickly made it a serious competitor in the network operating system market.
a. 2000
b. NT Version 4
c. Me
d. XP

NT Version 4

Windows ____, released in the year 2000, was the next generation of the Windows NT operating system and represented a significant improvement over the earlier versions of NT.
a. Me
b. XP
c. Server 2000
d. Server 2000N

Server 2000

Windows Server 2000 incorporated Microsoft's answer to the highly popular NetWare NDS directory system: ____.
a. inode
b. X.509
c. iPrint
d. Active Directory

Active Directory

Active Directory is built around the ____.
a. X.500 standard
b. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
c. 802.11 protocol
d. Ethernet standard

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)

The most recent version of the Windows network operating system is Windows ____.
a. XP
b. 2000
c. 2003
d. 2008


____ is a popular operating system that can be found on single-user workstations but primarily functions well on mainframe computers and network servers.
a. Unix
b. Linux
c. Windows Me
d. Windows 95


To protect the server from catastrophic disk failure, the disk drives on most network servers support one of the ____ techniques.
a. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
b. IDE
c. redundant array of independent disks (RAID)
d. USB

redundant array of independent disks (RAID)

____ technique is also known as disk mirroring.
a. RAID-0
b. RAID-1
c. RAID-3
d. RAID-5


A ____ is a server that has no cabinet or box, but resides on a single printed circuit card.
a. peer-to-peer server
b. server appliance
c. server blade
d. print server

server blade

____ software is designed to detect and remove viruses that have infected your memory, disks, or operating system.
a. Antivirus
b. Remote access
c. Uninstall
d. Backup


____ software is used to block unwanted e-mail and is available at many levels.
a. Antivirus
b. Network-monitoring
c. Crash protection
d. Antispam


____ software can locate and clean the spyware programs found in a computer's memory and hard disk drive.
a. Antispam
b. Antispyware
c. Crash protection
d. Backup


The primary goal of ____ software is to perform crash stalling, or to try to keep the operating system running long enough to perform a graceful exit.
a. antivirus
b. network monitoring
c. sniffer
d. crash protection

crash protection

____ software incorporates a fairly large number of network support tools.
a. Network-monitoring
b. Crash protection
c. Antispam
d. Backup


____ software allows a user to access all of the possible functions of a personal computer workstation from a mobile or remote location.
a. Network monitoring
b. Sniffer
c. Remote access
d. Antispyware

Remote access

____ software works with the user to locate and remove applications that are no longer desired.
a. Uninstall
b. Backup
c. Remote access
d. Network monitoring


____ software is the application or set of programs that stores Web pages and allows browsers from anywhere in the world to access those Web pages.
a. Remote access
b. Network monitoring
c. Web server
d. Antivirus

Web server

Under the terms of the ____ license, the software package may be installed on a single machine, and then only a single user at one time may be using that machine.
a. interactive user
b. single-user-single-station
c. site
d. network server


A(n) ____ license is designed for the user who might have a desktop machine at work and a laptop machine for remote sites, or another desktop machine at home.
a. single-user-single-station
b. interactive user
c. site
d. single-user-multiple-station


With a system-based or ____ license, there is rarely a software counter controlling the current number of users.
a. network server
b. interactive user
c. site
d. corporate

network server

A ____ license allows a software package to be installed on any and all workstations and servers at a given site.
a. network server
b. site
c. corporate
d. single-user-multiple-station

network server

A ____ license allows a software package to be installed anywhere within a corporation, even if installation involves multiple sites.
a. site
b. network server
c. corporate
d. single-user-single-station


A(n) ____ is a valuable device in the event of a power failure.
a. media converter
b. Blu-Ray DVD
c. thin client
d. uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

A local area network that is not based primarily on physical wiring but uses wireless transmissions between workstations is a(n) ____.
b. wireless LAN
c. token ring
d. MAU

wireless LAN

The ____ is essentially the interface device between the wireless user device and the wired local area network.
a. wireless server
b. wireless workstation
c. NIC
d. access point

access point

In the ____ layout configuration, multiple cells are supported by multiple access points, as in a cellular telephone network.
a. extended service set
b. basic service set
c. one-cell
d. unique-cell

extended service set

The wireless LAN term for a collection of multiple Basic Service Sets is ____.
a. Multiple Service Set (MSS)
b. Basic Service Set (BSS)
c. Extended Service Set (ESS)
d. Complex Service Set (CSS)

Extended Service Set (ESS)

In the ____, or ad hoc, layouts configuration, there is no access point at the center of a cell.
a. peer-to-peer
b. multiple-cell
c. single-cell
d. random-cell


In CSMA/CA, the amount of time a device is made to wait before it can transmit is called the ____.
a. free space (FS)
b. frame time (FT)
c. interframe space (IFS)
d. intraframe time (IFT)

interframe space (IFS)

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