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  1. used an oil drop experiment that suspended electrons long enough for him to measure mass
  2. electrons moved in a wave function
  3. found out that energy was connected to frequency based on the # planck's constant. Studied color lines
  4. In a compound of 2 of the same element, the mass of the second element combines with that of the 1st element, and it's ration consists of small whole numbers
  5. came up w/ the concept of the atom

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  1. Thomsonproposed the 1st atomic theory; law of multiple porportions


  2. Proustcame up w/ bohr model; an electron heated at ground state jumps to excited state and releases a photon color


  3. Did Aristotle agree with Democritus' concept?came up w/ the concept of the atom


  4. Daltondesigned the plumb pudding model which explained the distribution of electrons


  5. Schrodinger (aka math guy)came up w/ the concept of the atom


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