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  1. hypertrophy
  2. Epimysium
  3. myoglobin
  4. Atrophy
  5. Hemoglobin
  1. a carries the oxygen to the body cells
  2. b exercising muscles until they enlarge
  3. c muscle decreases in size, strength, number of fibers
  4. d fascia that surrounds entire muscle
  5. e found in muscle cells, temporarily stores oxygen

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  1. attached to the stationary end of a bone
  2. thick or thin protein filaments (myosin or actin)
  3. single muscle cell
  4. separates muscles into bundles
  5. cell membrane

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  1. sarcoplasmcytoplasm that contains nuclei, mitochondria, myofibrils


  2. smooth muscleinvoluntary, no striations


  3. Antagonistmuscle that aids prime mover


  4. skeletal muscleinvoluntary, no striations


  5. insertionattached to the movable part of the bone


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