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  1. hypertrophy
  2. Epimysium
  3. Hemoglobin
  4. myofibril
  5. prime mover
  1. a muscle most responsible for movement
  2. b fascia that surrounds entire muscle
  3. c carries the oxygen to the body cells
  4. d exercising muscles until they enlarge
  5. e thick or thin protein filaments (myosin or actin)

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  1. involuntary, no striations
  2. voluntary, striations
  3. muscle that aids prime mover
  4. single muscle cell
  5. found in muscle cells, temporarily stores oxygen

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  1. Antagonistmuscle that aids prime mover


  2. Crampattached to the stationary end of a bone


  3. Atrophyexercising muscles until they enlarge


  4. Endomysiumfascia that surrounds each muscle fiber


  5. sarcoplasmcell membrane


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