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  1. Virginia Resolves
  2. Stamp Act
  3. Currency Act
  4. William Pitt
  5. Coercive Acts
  1. a Four coercive acts directed mainly at punishing the people of Boston, Massachusetts and bringing the dissidents under control. The Port Act. The MA government Act. The Administration of Justice Act. Quartering Act
  2. b prohibited colonies from issuing paper money, destabilized colonial economy
  3. c an act passed by the British parliament in 1756 that raised revenue from the American colonies by a duty in the form of a stamp required on all newspapers and legal or commercial documents
  4. d His appointment in 1757 as British prime minister was perhaps the turning point in the French and Indian War. He concentrated on Montreal & Quebec, captured Louisbourg (1st victor for British), & chose Jame Wolfe to capture Quebec
  5. e Formal statements of the House of Burgesses protesting the Stamp Act in 1765.

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  1. The British general who was in command of Boston after the Boston Tea Party, who went after the stockpiled weapons at Concord.
  2. Founder of the Sons of Liberty and one of the most vocal patriots for independence; signed the Declaration of Independence
  3. German soldiers who fought for the British
  4. Tax put on goods that are imported
  5. Member of a militia during the American Revolution who could be ready to fight in sixty seconds

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  1. James WolfeEnglish general, led troops up steep cliff to capture Quebec which marked the beginning of the end of the French/Indian War


  2. Olive Branch PetitionStill pledge loyalty to King George III but are still asking Britain to respect the rights and liberties of the colonies, repeal oppressive legislation, and British troops out of the colonies.


  3. Salutary NeglectTax on sugar and molasses


  4. Non-Importation AgreementColonists were required to ship products exclusively to England.


  5. Antoine de Cadillac1701 founded detroit [French] to thwart settlement of the Ohio River valley by Great Britain.


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