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  1. John Adams
  2. John Hancock
  3. Antoine de Cadillac
  4. George Washington
  5. Samuel de Champlain
  1. a 1701 founded detroit [French] to thwart settlement of the Ohio River valley by Great Britain.
  2. b Lawyer who defended British soldiers in the Boston Massacre trial. He believed in "innocent until proven guilty." In spite of these actions, he supported colonial independence. Second US president and first vice.
  3. c Nicknamed "King of the Smugglers" ; He was a wealthy Massachusetts merchant in 1776 who was important in persuading the American colonies to declare their independence from England. President of the continental congress.
  4. d French explorer in Nova Scotia who established a settlement on the site of modern Quebec (1567-1635) Also known as "the father of new france".
  5. e Killed French leader on a trip to the Ohio River valley to secure the land of Virginians who had purchased it. Fort Necessity. Blamed for the defeat of the militia.

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  1. served as an officer in the British Army. Captured Montreal.
  2. Trials here were heard by judges without a jury.
  3. Four coercive acts directed mainly at punishing the people of Boston, Massachusetts and bringing the dissidents under control. The Port Act. The MA government Act. The Administration of Justice Act. Quartering Act
  4. German soldiers who fought for the British
  5. prohibited colonies from issuing paper money, destabilized colonial economy

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  1. War of Jenkins EarBritish overseer of all matters pertaining to colonial trade and laws


  2. Boston MassacreCommon Sense


  3. Internal TaxationTax put on goods that are imported


  4. MinutemanMember of a militia during the American Revolution who could be ready to fight in sixty seconds


  5. Thomas HutchinsonCommon Sense


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