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  1. Board of Trade
  2. Non-Importation Agreement
  3. Boston Massacre
  4. Proclamation of 1763
  5. Thomas Hutchinson
  1. a The first bloodshed of the Amercan Revolution, as British guards at the Boston Customs House opened fire on a crowd killing five americans
  2. b Pledges to boycott, or decline to purchase, certain goods from abroad.
  3. c No settling west of the Appelacian Mountains
  4. d British overseer of all matters pertaining to colonial trade and laws
  5. e Governor of Boston who ordered cargo of tea to be unloaded in Boston despite colonial objection

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  1. German soldiers who fought for the British
  2. Four coercive acts directed mainly at punishing the people of Boston, Massachusetts and bringing the dissidents under control. The Port Act. The MA government Act. The Administration of Justice Act. Quartering Act
  3. spanish officials cut off british captian jenkins' ear. He kept it and showed it to parliament, which lead to war with Spain.
  4. Tax on sugar and molasses
  5. an economic system (Europe in 18th C) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests

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  1. Robert de La SalleExplored the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada, the Mississippi River, and the Gulf of Mexico and claimed the entire Mississippi basin for France, naming it Lousiana after King Louis XIV.


  2. Thomas GageThe British general who was in command of Boston after the Boston Tea Party, who went after the stockpiled weapons at Concord.


  3. Admiralty CourtsTrials here were heard by judges without a jury.


  4. Internal Taxationdirect taxation


  5. LouisburgStrategic French fortress conquered by New England settlers, handed back to the French, and finally conquered again by the British in 1759


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