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  1. boycott british goods
  2. boston harbor would be closed until the colonists paid for the lost tea shipment, colonial gov. would be suspended in boston, british soldiers could be housed in colonists homes not only in massachusetts but all the colonies, and town meetings would require royal permission
  3. 342
  4. Mid-Atlantic colonies
  5. source of raw materials for england, provided a market for english goods
  1. a What group of colonies do New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland fall into?
  2. b how many chests of tea did the colonists dump into the boston harbor during the boston tea party?
  3. c What are 2 examples of mercantilism?
  4. d what did the colonists decide to do after england taxed them and interfered in their lives?
  5. e what are the 4 parts of the intolerable acts?

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  1. Who was forced to sign the Petition of Right?
  2. what were the 3 boats named that columbus took on his journey?
  3. what did england do after the colonists boycotted their goods?
  4. representative from south carolina. He is opposed to independence and is opposed to the abolition of slavery
  5. What kind of ideas are england going to bring to the new world?

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  1. latintrue or false. Bail money is not given back to people at the end of the trial is they are found guilty?


  2. it took 2 months each way to travel from england to america. the colonial legislatures were better equipped to deal with any issues that came up.what is mercantilism?


  3. 1619When was the Glorious Revolution?


  4. no cruel or unusual punishments allowed and no excessive fines or bailwhat did virginian richard henry lee propose in june 1776?


  5. St. Augustine in 1565what was the 1st permanant European settlement and when was it established?


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