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  1. lexington and concord, massachusetts
  2. to keep one another informed about events between the colonies and england
  3. gov. can't put troops in your home without your permission
  4. 1492
  5. be loyal to the monarchy and the british gov.
  1. a what should colonists do as british subjects?
  2. b where was the shot heard 'round the world?
  3. c what was the purpose of the committees of correspondence?
  4. d when did columbus discover The New World?
  5. e What is amendment 3?

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  1. what groups began to meet after the intolerable acts were passed?
  2. why did king john sign magna carta?
  3. what did locke believe?
  4. When was King Charles 1 forced to sign the Petition of Right?
  5. what two events changed the relationship between england and the colonies?

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  1. falsetrue or false. Bail money is not given back to people at the end of the trial is they are found guilty?


  2. King Charles 1Who was forced to sign the Petition of Right?


  3. spainhow many chests of tea did the colonists dump into the boston harbor during the boston tea party?


  4. no taxation without representationwhat did the colonists say when britain taxed them and interfered in their lives?


  5. must establish a council of advisors; king can't raise taxes without permission of council; nobles have protection from losing their life, liberty, or property except if they were convicted of a crime/establish due processwhat was king george III determined to do?


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