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  1. a limited gov.
  2. french wanted to expland land to the south
  3. The Virginia House of Burgesses
  4. Magna Carta
  5. all of the colonies
  1. a what was the 1st legislative group in the colonies?
  2. b which colonies sent representatives to the second continental congress?
  3. c why did the french and indian war occur?
  4. d What type of gov. does the Magna Carta, The Petition of Right, and The English Bill of Rights show?
  5. e What other document are the first two parts of The Petition of Right in?

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  1. where did thomas jefferon's ideas for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from?
  2. what is revenue?
  3. Why was there not much interference of england with the colonies?
  4. When did the Mayflower create their own gov?
  5. what would the declaration of independence be printed on? who would copies be distributed to?

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  1. the stamp act and the sugar actwhere did the colonists dump chests of tea into during the boston tea party?


  2. latinwhat is magna carta written in?


  3. 1how many king john's were there?


  4. 1492when did columbus discover The New World?


  5. 1760How many colonies are there?


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