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  1. runnymeade, england
  2. boston harbor would be closed until the colonists paid for the lost tea shipment, colonial gov. would be suspended in boston, british soldiers could be housed in colonists homes not only in massachusetts but all the colonies, and town meetings would require royal permission
  3. england is left with a huge war debt. england begins taxing the colonies to help offset the war debt
  4. without much help or interference from England
  5. parliament
  1. a what were the 2 consequences of the french and indian war?
  2. b what are the 4 parts of the intolerable acts?
  3. c what was the part of magna carta that said how a council of advisors must be established later called?
  4. d How did the colonies function?
  5. e where was magna carta applied?

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  1. What is the sixth amendment?
  2. how many chests of tea did the colonists dump into the boston harbor during the boston tea party?
  3. representative from massachusetts to the congress. He is a strong proponent of independence. He is unpopular with many of the memberse of congress
  4. What did the colonies get used to?
  5. What type of gov. does the Magna Carta, The Petition of Right, and The English Bill of Rights show?

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  1. you get the money backwhich colonies sent representatives to the second continental congress?


  2. to keep one another informed about events between the colonies and englandwhat was the purpose of the committees of correspondence?


  3. lexington and concord, massachusettswho used to own quebec and montreal and who owns them now?


  4. king can't raise taxes without permission of Parliament, monarchs do not rule because of divine right to do so, monarch can't interfere in Parliament's elections, people have the right to a fair and speedy trial, no cruel or unusual punishments allowed and no excessive fines or bail, people have the right to bear arms, people have the right to petition the gov.What was the result of the many tax laws placed on the colonists?


  5. french wanted to expland land to the southwhy did the french and indian war occur?


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