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  1. he was forced to
  2. 22
  3. you come to trial quickly
  4. latin
  5. john hancock of massachusetts
  1. a why did king john sign magna carta?
  2. b How many men are in The Virginia House of Burgesses?
  3. c what is a speedy trial?
  4. d who was elected the president of the second continental congress?
  5. e what is magna carta written in?

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  1. what was the reason for the shot heard 'round the world?
  2. Why was there not much interference of england with the colonies?
  3. how did the colonists boycott british goods?
  4. what part of the US constitution was made from the due process?
  5. where was magna carta applied?

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  1. source of raw materials for england, provided a market for english goodswhat are the two parts of parliament?


  2. french and then canadawho used to own quebec and montreal and who owns them now?


  3. to keep one another informed about events between the colonies and englandwhat was king george III determined to do?


  4. truewhen did columbus discover The New World?


  5. a limited gov.What type of gov. does the Magna Carta, The Petition of Right, and The English Bill of Rights show?


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