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  1. The Virginia House of Burgesses
  2. Williamsburg
  3. you come to trial quickly
  4. king can't raise taxes without permission of Parliament, monarchs do not rule because of divine right to do so, monarch can't interfere in Parliament's elections, people have the right to a fair and speedy trial, no cruel or unusual punishments allowed and no excessive fines or bail, people have the right to bear arms, people have the right to petition the gov.
  5. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
  1. a what was the 1st legislative group in the colonies?
  2. b What are the northern colonies?
  3. c what is a speedy trial?
  4. d What was Jamestown later named?
  5. e What are the seven parts of the English Bill of Rights?

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  1. What was copied by the US that is now the Congress?
  2. what are the four parts of the petition of right?
  3. who was in favor of independence?
  4. where was columbus supposed to go on his journey and what was he going there for?
  5. when was the pamphlet Common Sense published?

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  1. they passed the declaratory act, the townshend acts, and the tea actwhy did the second continental congress appoint george washington to head the revolutionary forces?


  2. King Charles 1who was the americas discovered for?


  3. 1619When was The Virginia House of Burgesses created?


  4. the idea that the gov. must follow certain constitutionally established rules before it can imprison you, kill you, etc.what is revenue?


  5. Parliament removed King Charles II and replaced him with his daughter Mary and her husband Williamwhat is a bail?


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