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  1. the powers of a central gov. for the colonies during the war
  2. people have the right to a fair and speedy trial
  3. his daughter Mary and her husband William
  4. there are no biased people on the jury
  5. pilgrims
  1. a what did the second continental congress assume?
  2. b what is a fair trial?
  3. c Who replaced King Charles II in the Glorious Revolution?
  4. d What is the sixth amendment?
  5. e Who made up the Mayflower?

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  1. What kind of democracy did the Mayflower have?
  2. what is the second amendment?
  3. what was the result of the boycott of british goods?
  4. what is magna carta written in?
  5. what did england do after the colonists boycotted their goods?

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  1. john hancockrepresentative from pennsylvania, strongly opposed to independence


  2. more taxes on basic items, especially goods that the colonists could not make themselveswhat was the townshend acts?


  3. french and then canadawhere was magna carta applied?


  4. 1733when was magna carta applied?


  5. falsetrue or false. Bail money is not given back to people at the end of the trial is they are found guilty?


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