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  1. representative
  2. they passed the declaratory act, the townshend acts, and the tea act
  3. caesar rodney
  4. 1773
  5. parliament
  1. a when was the boston tea party?
  2. b where did the colonists want representation?
  3. c what did england do after the colonists boycotted their goods?
  4. d an ailing member of the deleware delegation. his vote will prove to be a crucial one
  5. e What is a burgess?

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  1. where was the shot heard 'round the world?
  2. what is the eighth amendment?
  3. what was the purpose of the committees of correspondence?
  4. why did the second continental congress appoint george washington to head the revolutionary forces?
  5. How much did England interfere with the colonies between 1607 and the mid-1700s?

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  1. they set up a meeting called the first continental congresswhat did the americans do to fight the intolerable acts?


  2. North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, GeorgiaWhat are the Southern colonies?


  3. 1492how many chests of tea did the colonists dump into the boston harbor during the boston tea party?


  4. the french and indians against the britishwho was the french and indian war fought between?


  5. 1688When was the Glorious Revolution?


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