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  1. it worked and the stamp act was repealed as well as other taxes
  2. false
  3. when the colonies existed to economically benefit England
  4. Jamestown
  5. 1688
  1. a what was the result of the boycott of british goods?
  2. b Where was The Virginia House of Burgesses created?
  3. c what is mercantilism?
  4. d true or false. Bail money is not given back to people at the end of the trial is they are found guilty?
  5. e When was the Glorious Revolution?

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  1. What was created in 1619 in Jamestown?
  2. representative from south carolina. He is opposed to independence and is opposed to the abolition of slavery
  3. who was part of the magna carta?
  4. true or false. there were similarities in the colonies.
  5. where did thomas jefferon's ideas for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from?

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  1. 1760When were the 13 colonies established?


  2. people have the right to a fair and speedy trialwhat were 2 ways to get money from the colonies?


  3. july 4, 1776when was the declaration of independence approved by the 2nd continental congress?


  4. 1215When was The Virginia House of Burgesses created?


  5. the committees of correspondencewhat groups began to meet after the intolerable acts were passed?


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