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  1. every colony except georgia
  2. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire
  3. september 1774
  4. they did not have a charter like Jamestown, so they created their own gov.
  1. a What are the northern colonies?
  2. b What did the Mayflower not have in 1620 and what did they do because of this?
  3. c when did the first continental congress meet?
  4. d which colonies sent representatives to the first continental congress?

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  1. what was the 1st legislative group in the colonies?
  2. where was magna carta applied?
  3. What kind of ideas are england going to bring to the new world?
  4. what was the sugar act?
  5. How did the colonies function?

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  1. pilgrimsWho made up the Mayflower?


  2. 1760when was king george III crowned?


  3. parliamentwhat was the part of magna carta that said how a council of advisors must be established later called?


  4. The Great Charterwhat is another name for magna carta?


  5. thomas jeffersonwhere did the colonists food come from?


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