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  1. spain
  2. edward rutledge
  3. not much
  4. the french and indians against the british
  5. 1628
  1. a How much did England interfere with the colonies between 1607 and the mid-1700s?
  2. b who was the french and indian war fought between?
  3. c When was King Charles 1 forced to sign the Petition of Right?
  4. d Where are the people that sent columbus on his journey from?
  5. e representative from south carolina. He is opposed to independence and is opposed to the abolition of slavery

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  1. What is amendment 3?
  2. what did the colonists say when britain taxed them and interfered in their lives?
  3. who discovered the americas?
  4. what are the two parts of parliament?
  5. what was the purpose of the committees of correspondence?

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  1. parliamentwhere did the colonists want representation?


  2. latinwhat is magna carta written in?


  3. john hancockhow did the colonists feel about british taxes and interference in colonial life?


  4. thomas paine publishes Common Sense, a widely read pamphlet that urges independencewhat was written in january of 1776 that supported independence? who wrote it?


  5. the money you pay to stay at home until your trial is overwhat is a bail?


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