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  1. Southern colonies
  2. parliament
  3. a tax on legal documents and newspapers
  4. john adams
  5. Magna Carta
  1. a what was the stamp act?
  2. b What group of colonies do North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia fall into?
  3. c representative from massachusetts to the congress. He is a strong proponent of independence. He is unpopular with many of the memberse of congress
  4. d what was england's form of a representative democracy?
  5. e What other document are the first two parts of The Petition of Right in?

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  1. who fired upon each other for the first time during the shot heard 'round the world?
  2. where was columbus supposed to go on his journey and what was he going there for?
  3. who used to own quebec and montreal and who owns them now?
  4. In 1628, what was King Charles I forced to sign?
  5. What are the New England colonies?

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  1. the money a gov. collects from taxes or other sourceswhat is revenue?


  2. governors-appointed by the kingWhat two places had success that led to the development of other colonies?


  3. they hated ithow did the colonists feel about british taxes and interference in colonial life?


  4. parliamentwhere did the colonists want representation?


  5. john adams, john hancock, and ben franklinwho was in favor of independence?


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