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  1. North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia
  2. a tax on legal documents and newspapers
  3. 1628
  4. Jamestown, Virginia in 1607
  5. christopher columbus
  1. a When was King Charles 1 forced to sign the Petition of Right?
  2. b what was the stamp act?
  3. c who discovered the americas?
  4. d what was the 1st permanent English settlement and when was it established?
  5. e What are the Southern colonies?

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  1. When was the Glorious Revolution?
  2. a representative from virginia who proposes independence at the urging of franklin and adams
  3. where did thomas jefferon's ideas for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness come from?
  4. what did king george III initiate a series of laws for?
  5. representative from massachusetts to the congress. He is a strong proponent of independence. He is unpopular with many of the memberse of congress

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  1. The Virginia House of Burgesseswhy did the first continental congress not meet in boston?


  2. no taxation without representationIn 1628, what was King Charles I forced to sign?


  3. people have the right to a fair and speedy trialWhat is the sixth amendment?


  4. the french and indians against the britishwhy did the french and indian war occur?


  5. magna cartawhat was england's form of a representative democracy?


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