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  1. england is left with a huge war debt. england begins taxing the colonies to help offset the war debt
  2. southern
  3. runnymeade, england
  4. gov. that is limited in its power
  5. Mayflower Compact
  1. a which colonies were less in favor of independence?
  2. b What was the document called that stated the laws of the Mayflower gov?
  3. c what were the 2 consequences of the french and indian war?
  4. d where was magna carta applied?
  5. e limited gov.

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  1. what did jefferson do in order for the vote to be unanimous?
  2. what is a fair trial?
  3. what did the second continental congress do?
  4. how did the colonists boycott british goods?
  5. what is the french and indian war also known as?

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  1. every colony except georgiawhy did the first continental congress not meet in boston?


  2. governors-appointed by the kingWho ran the colonies and who were they appointed by?


  3. britain's revenue increasedWhat was the result of the many tax laws placed on the colonists?


  4. september 1774when was the declaration of independence approved by the 2nd continental congress?


  5. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshirewhat was the stamp act?


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