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Macromolecules - proteins Test

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  1. The elements found in proteins are... (alphabetical order separated by comas)
  2. special proteins that act as biological catalysts to speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells
  3. The monomers of proteins are _________ _________.
  4. Polymers of molecules called amino acids
  5. the region where an enzyme binds to its substrate

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  1. amylasethis is a protein used to digest starch.


  2. essentialOur body makes 12 of the 20 required amino acids, however the other 8 are called ______________ amino acids because they must be obtained from the foods that we eat.


  3. proteinPolymers of molecules called amino acids


  4. proteinsAn enzyme is what type of organic compound?


  5. enzymesthese special proteins are involved in all life processes including digestion, energy storage, and release


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