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  1. cohesion
  2. hydrophilic
  3. nucleic acids
  4. acids
  5. lipids
  1. a the polymers made of nucleotides
  2. b the polymers made of fatty acids
  3. c solutions that have a low pH (less than 7) are____________.
  4. d A property of water that makes water molecules like to stick to each other.
  5. e molecules that DO mix with water are _______________.

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  1. solutions that have a high pH (greater than 7) are ______________.
  2. A giant molecule in living cells, composed of thousands of smaller monomer molecules is a ________________.
  3. process by which organisms keep internal conditions relatively constant despite changes in the external environment (like a thermostat)
  4. This molecule is important to maintaining homeostasis in our bodies, it is needed for key reactions, it makes up the majority of our body, and it transports materials throughout the body
  5. the monomers of carbohydrates

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  1. polymerA building blocks of a polymer


  2. carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, proteinsthe polymers made of nucleotides


  3. nucleotidesthe polymers made of nucleotides


  4. hydrogenA weak bond that attracts water molecules to each other is called a ___________ bond.


  5. proteinsthe polymers made of fatty acids


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