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  1. Alluvial Soils
  2. Fall Line
  3. Dairy Belt
  4. Silicon Valley
  5. Lichens
  1. a A region of western California southeast of San Francisco known for its high-technology design and manufacturing industries.
  2. b A small plants that consist of fungi and algae
  3. c a natural boundary between 2 landform region with different elevations marked by rapids and waterfalls
  4. d The dairy belt is where most of the milk products in America come from.
  5. e Soil deposited by streams of rivers

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  1. the Midwestern states where corn is grown; Iowa and Illinois are excellent for raising corn and corn-fed livestock
  2. a usually large farm or estate, esp. in a tropical or semitropical country, on which cotton, tobacco, coffee, sugar cane, or the like is cultivated, usually by resident laborers.
  3. A city and its surrounding built up cities
  4. A place deep within the Earth where hot magma rises to just underneath the surface, creating a bulge and volcanic activity The chain of Hawaiian Islands is thought to have been created by the movement of a tectonic plate over a hot spot.
  5. The crest dividing north Americas major river systems into those flowing eastward and those flowing westward

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  1. ParliamentA legislative lead by prime minister


  2. SuperpowerThe belief that certain countries should be independent


  3. SeparatismThe belief that certain countries should be independent


  4. ArableNorth American Free Trade Agreement


  5. HinterlandAn are at or near the foot of a mountain region


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