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  1. Colonies
  2. Barrier Islands
  3. Superpower
  4. Fall Line
  5. Trade Deficit
  1. a The condition that exists when the value of what a country imports exceeds the value of what it exports; also called an unfavorable
  2. b An extremely powerful nation, esp. one capable of influencing international events and the acts and policies of less powerful nations.
  3. c Coastal islands created from sand deposited by ocean waves and currents in shallow water
  4. d A group of people who leave their native country to form in a new land a settlement subject to, or connected with, the parent nation.
  5. e a natural boundary between 2 landform region with different elevations marked by rapids and waterfalls

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  1. North American Free Trade Agreement
  2. Events in physical environments that can destroy human life and property
  3. A city and its surrounding built up cities
  4. A fling of a strong political religion
  5. capable of producing crops; suitable for farming; suited to the plow and for tillage

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  1. ParliamentA legislative lead by prime minister


  2. PiedmontAn are at or near the foot of a mountain region


  3. TextilesGovernment distress similar to states


  4. Silicon ValleyA region of western California southeast of San Francisco known for its high-technology design and manufacturing industries.


  5. SeparatismA fling of a strong political religion


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