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  1. Barrier Islands
  2. Metropolitan Area
  3. Silicon Valley
  4. Arable
  5. Smog
  1. a A region of western California southeast of San Francisco known for its high-technology design and manufacturing industries.
  2. b capable of producing crops; suitable for farming; suited to the plow and for tillage
  3. c A city and its surrounding built up cities
  4. d Smoke or other atmospheric pollutants combined with fog in an unhealthy or irritating mixture.
  5. e Coastal islands created from sand deposited by ocean waves and currents in shallow water

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  1. The region of the us interior west specializing in growing wheat.
  2. The condition that exists when the value of what a country imports exceeds the value of what it exports; also called an unfavorable
  3. a natural boundary between 2 landform region with different elevations marked by rapids and waterfalls
  4. the Midwestern states where corn is grown; Iowa and Illinois are excellent for raising corn and corn-fed livestock
  5. Soil deposited by streams of rivers

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  1. ParliamentA small plants that consist of fungi and algae


  2. MegalopolisAn urban region, esp. one consisting of several large cities and suburbs that adjoin each other.


  3. SuperpowerThe belief that certain countries should be independent


  4. Gentrificationthe buying and renovation of houses and stores in deteriorated urban neighborhoods by upper- or middle-income families or individuals, thus improving property values but often displacing low-income families and small businesses


  5. ColoniesGovernment distress similar to states


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