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  1. died from hunger, overwork, and diseases after being enslaved by the Spanish
  2. was the Spanish conquistador who ordered his soldiers to kill the Inca emperor
  3. were people who came to the Americas to convert native people to Christianity
  4. was the Spanish explorer who looked for the fountain of youth and named present day Florida
  5. was the European who founded the colony of Roanoke Island that soon disappeared

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  1. Hernando Corteswas the explorer who claimed for Spain all of what is today the southeastern United States and battled with Chief Tuscaloosa.


  2. Jacques Cartierwas an explorer who looked for the Northwest Passage


  3. Squantowere people who came to America against their will and forced to work for the colonists


  4. Africanswas an Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to fish and plant crops that would do well


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