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  1. T/F? A release does not require consideration to be legally binding.
  2. Digital Products Company includes a shrink-wrap agreement in a transaction with Eagle Engineering Corporation. A shrink-wrap agreement is an agreement whose terms are expressed
  3. Jared downloads some video games from the Internet. There is a page indicating the terms of use, but nothing that requires Jared to affirmatively indicate his consent before downloading the games. These terms are
  4. Peter and Ray are riding their horses together. Peter jokingly tells Ray that Ray's horse is too slow. Ray laughs and jokingly responds, "Yes, he is too slow! I would sell him for $5!" Peter hands Ray $5. This is
  5. Expert Pavers, Inc., contracts with Fabricated Building Corporation to repave Fabricated's parking lot for which Fabricated agrees to pay. The requirements of this, and any other, contract do not include
  1. a not a valid acceptance because Ray's offer was made in jest
  2. b F
  3. c browse-wrap terms
  4. d inside a box in which goods are packaged.
  5. e practicality

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  1. an executory contract.
  2. illusory
  3. not enforce it
  4. True
  5. not liable, because the consideration is in the past

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  1. A contract is an agreement that can be enforced in court.T


  2. Livewire Company and McCoy's Candy, Inc., sign a document that states Livewire agrees to design a Web page for McCoy's, which agrees to pay for the service. This isan executory contract.


  3. A shrink-wrap agreement is an agreement whose terms are expressed inside a box in which the goods are packaged.F


  4. Rollo promises to perform, for a price, shoe repair services in affiliation with Togs 'n Things, a clothing store. To support a contract, the consideration exchanged by the parties must beinside a box in which goods are packaged.


  5. Mark is creating a Web site through which he will enter into contracts over the Internet. Important terms to include in his offers includeprovisions specifying the remedies if the contract is breached.


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