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  1. T/F? A quasi contract is not a true contract.
  2. T/F? Under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, a typed name at the end of an email message is not considered an e-signature.
  3. Holiday Sales Company and Global Distributors, Inc., enter into a contract for the delivery of imported specialty goods. Until the goods are delivered and paid for, these parties have
  4. Bobbie claims that Carly breached their contract. Carly responds that she never intended to enter into a contract with Bobbie. The intent to enter into a contract is determined with reference to
  1. a T
  2. b F
  3. c an executory contract.
  4. d the objective theory of contracts.

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  1. an express contract
  2. T
  3. express contract
  4. T
  5. reasonably clear.

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  1. Digital Products Company includes a shrink-wrap agreement in a transaction with Eagle Engineering Corporation. A shrink-wrap agreement is an agreement whose terms are expressedinside a box in which goods are packaged.


  2. Jon says to Kristy, "I would like to sell you my sports memorabilia collection." This is not an offer because itF


  3. T/F? Adequacy of consideration refers to how much consideration is given.T


  4. T/F? Some promises create moral, but not legal, obligations.T


  5. The mirror image rule requires an acceptance to adhere exactly to an offer to create a contract.F


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