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  1. not related to benzos, treats anxiety, but action is not known. optimum relief within three to four weeks; short term therapy but no tolerance effect
  2. anti-anxiety drug and CNS depressant; rapidly produces feeling of calm and relieves anxiety without impaired mental status; can be coadministered with narcotic to control pain and minimize narcotic nausea
  3. atypical antidepressant; causes significant sedation as an adverse effect; commonly used for sleep now
  4. melatonin receptor agonist; for difficulty falling asleep

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  1. lorazepambenzodiazepine; treats anxiety and insomnia; adverse: mild drowsiness, ataxia, confusion, resp disturbance, bradycardia; pt: can become tolerant and need larger doses, paradoxical excitement can occur, wide therapeutic index, avoid CNS depressants, short duration of action, larger half life in asians


  2. zolpidemambien; short term treatment of insomnia; take immediately before bed


  3. zaleplonsonata; sedative for sleep for up to 28 days, non benzo; can lead to dependency and rebound insomnia


  4. benzodiazepineslunesta; non benzo hypnotic for sleep- prevents waking during the night; GABA; the only sleep med approved for long term use


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