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  1. short term management of anxiety, effects the thalamus and limbic system; mild tranquilizer w/ anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant qualities; pregnancy D and CNS adverse effects
  2. benzodiazepine; treats anxiety and insomnia; adverse: mild drowsiness, ataxia, confusion, resp disturbance, bradycardia; pt: can become tolerant and need larger doses, paradoxical excitement can occur, wide therapeutic index, avoid CNS depressants, short duration of action, larger half life in asians
  3. nonbarbituate hypnotic used to sedate and induce sleep; has adverse CNS effects
  4. ambien; short term treatment of insomnia; take immediately before bed

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  1. zaleplonmelatonin receptor agonist; for difficulty falling asleep


  2. Buspironenot related to benzos, treats anxiety, but action is not known. optimum relief within three to four weeks; short term therapy but no tolerance effect


  3. sleep stagesphenobarbitol, secobarbitol; these are old drugs that are highly habit forming although they are effective in short term treatment of insomnia


  4. eszopiclonelunesta; non benzo hypnotic for sleep- prevents waking during the night; GABA; the only sleep med approved for long term use


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