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  1. Lasswell Model
  2. Selective retention
  3. Replication
  4. Cyberspace
  5. Perception
  1. a to recall; recall is influenced by wants, needs, attitudes
  2. b Who, says what, in which channel, to whom, to what effect
  3. c metaphoric space where electronic communication occurs
  4. d process by which we interpret sensory data through the five senses
  5. e repeating an experiment

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  1. engage readers but is not fluffy; defines any unknown terms; research questions to hypothesis
  2. do various subparts of a test provide comparable data?
  3. argument presented in figurative form to reach the reader/viewer
  4. psychological factors, introduce subjectivity to process
  5. characterized by quantitative research and empiricism; studies effects of mass comm.

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  1. Gerbner model10 sources


  2. Glittering generalityassociating something with a virtue word


  3. Blink adsone second commercials


  4. Experimental designclassic method of dealing with questions of causality; provides answers of cause and effect


  5. If using human subjectseffect not created by cause but is assumed to be


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