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  1. Limited effects model
  2. Goals of science
  3. Intended effect
  4. Testimonial
  5. Perception
  1. a people are general resistant to mass comm messages, making them have very little power
  2. b communicators want a certain effect to happen when they broadcast a message
  3. c have some respected person praise product
  4. d explain as much as possible with as little generalization as possible; strive for closure
  5. e process by which we interpret sensory data through the five senses

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  1. effect, the phenomena we wish to explain
  2. how are you researching?
  3. theoretical and simplified representation of the real world
  4. based on personal values, early socialization or common sense, argues for what is self-evident
  5. ability of a measure to provide the same results time after time within acceptable margins of error if applied to the phenomena under the same conditions

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  1. If using human subjectsparticipants must agree to participate, must be able to withdraw; data must remain anonymous and confidential; research must not harm participant; follow through with promised rewards


  2. External validitydo differences in obtained results from experimental treatment or other factors; required if drawing conclusions from data


  3. Experimental designpeople can be influenced by stimuli of which they are not aware


  4. Results of theoryeither confirm, partially confirm or reject hypothesis


  5. Summaryreceive message; decide if message is new or old; compare sources, look for new information; if not satisfied with source, disregard info


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