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  1. Prime
  2. Dependent variable
  3. Empirical school
  4. Cyberspace
  5. Goals of mass communication
  1. a using concepts that influence the way people behave
  2. b to explain effects, uses, how people learn and how media shapes people's values and views
  3. c characterized by quantitative research and empiricism; studies effects of mass comm.
  4. d effect, the phenomena we wish to explain
  5. e metaphoric space where electronic communication occurs

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  1. framework within which a theory is tested
  2. physical aspects of stimuli
  3. carries authority, sanction and prestige of something respected over something else (Klu Klux Klan cross)
  4. people are general resistant to mass comm messages, making them have very little power
  5. set of systematically related generalizations suggesting new observations for empirical testing

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  1. Selective perceptionto interpret; tendency for people's perceptions to be influenced by wants, needs, attitudes and other psychological factors


  2. Osgood's modelcomplete communication system; stresses social nature


  3. Internal validitydo various subparts of a test provide comparable data?


  4. External validityability of a measure to provide the same results time after time within acceptable margins of error if applied to the phenomena under the same conditions


  5. Schemareceive message; decide if message is new or old; compare sources, look for new information; if not satisfied with source, disregard info


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