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  1. Types of theoretical statements
  2. Bandwagon
  3. Theory visual rhetoric
  4. Peer review
  5. Goals of science
  1. a everyone should join because everyone else is doing it
  2. b helps guard against bias
  3. c if then statement; more likely statement; greater the x, greater the y; leads to
  4. d how people process pictures
  5. e explain as much as possible with as little generalization as possible; strive for closure

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  1. directed toward large, heterogeneous, and anonymous audiences; messages are transmitted publically, simultaneously and are transient; communicator operates in complex organization that may involve great expense
  2. intended, unintended
  3. effect not created by cause but is assumed to be
  4. characterized by quantitative research and empiricism; studies effects of mass comm.
  5. using concepts that influence the way people behave

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  1. Authoritygeneral statement that summarizes our understanding of the way the world works; explains something difficult to understand


  2. Cyberspaceused to examine many characteristics of a single subject; learn about everything related to case over specific area of time


  3. Fallacious thinkingexperts


  4. Cognitiveknowledge of things, messages provide information and thoughts


  5. Lasswell Modelelaborated on Lasswell's model


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