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  1. Survey research
  2. Subliminal perception
  3. Dependent variable
  4. Model
  5. Data analysis
  1. a theoretical and simplified representation of the real world
  2. b effect, the phenomena we wish to explain
  3. c study of a portion or sample of research, compares relationships between variables by correlating
  4. d what does this all mean; interpretation and significance of data
  5. e people can be influenced by stimuli of which they are not aware

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  1. hidden words and symbols (mainly sexual in nature) in advertising
  2. carries authority, sanction and prestige of something respected over something else (Klu Klux Klan cross)
  3. tool used in the process of reasoning about data gathered
  4. question asked with the intent of researching
  5. allows scientists to make estimates of population characteristics

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  1. Conativeknowledge of things, messages provide information and thoughts


  2. Introductionengage readers but is not fluffy; defines any unknown terms; research questions to hypothesis


  3. Edge detectionidentification of boundaries by analyzing gray level differences


  4. Intended effectintended, unintended


  5. Bullet theoryexperts


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