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  1. Internal reliability
  2. Prime
  3. Westley-MacLean Model
  4. Fallacious thinking
  5. Cognitive
  1. a knowledge of things, messages provide information and thoughts
  2. b based on fallacies
  3. c lots of info, added idea of gatekeeper
  4. d using concepts that influence the way people behave
  5. e do various subparts of a test provide comparable data?

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  1. carries authority, sanction and prestige of something respected over something else (Klu Klux Klan cross)
  2. Is the phenomena observed and measured representative of the real-world phenomena the scientist wishes to generalize about?
  3. attitudes toward things; messages change attitudes and emotions
  4. convergence, media scarcity to media abundance, audience of one, interactive
  5. general statement that summarizes our understanding of the way the world works; explains something difficult to understand

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  1. Review of literatureintended, unintended


  2. Plain folksuse common folk to plug product


  3. Theory visual rhetoricset of systematically related generalizations suggesting new observations for empirical testing


  4. Funnel approachframework within which a theory is tested


  5. Hasty generalizationswide-sweeping opinions; drawing a conclusion to quickly


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