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  1. Results
  2. Tenacity
  3. Generalization
  4. Name calling
  5. Visual trope
  1. a what did you find, present data
  2. b beliefs we've always held true
  3. c argument presented in figurative form to reach the reader/viewer
  4. d giving an idea a bad label (terrorism)
  5. e statement of uniformities in relations between two or more variables of well-defined classes

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  1. selecting/using facts that are biased
  2. intended, unintended
  3. credibility
  4. to tune out; tendency for individuals to pay attention to those parts of a message that agree with beliefs and ignore those that don't
  5. overview, provides overriding purpose, methodology, highlights of conclusions, future implications

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  1. Scalabilitydeveloped in a way to be upgraded, able to be adapted


  2. Authoritydid we measure what we thought we measured?


  3. Aristotle's rhetorical proofsethos, pathos, logos


  4. Independent variablecause


  5. Pathoscredibility


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