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  1. Limited effects model
  2. Cultural studies approach
  3. Transmissibility
  4. Survey research
  5. Data analysis
  1. a what does this all mean; interpretation and significance of data
  2. b study role of mass media and communication in society
  3. c ability to overcome barriers of geography, language and social, economic and political systems
  4. d people are general resistant to mass comm messages, making them have very little power
  5. e study of a portion or sample of research, compares relationships between variables by correlating

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  1. tie everything together
  2. argument presented in figurative form to reach the reader/viewer
  3. everyone should join because everyone else is doing it
  4. based on personal values, early socialization or common sense, argues for what is self-evident
  5. generalization, hypothesis, theory, law, model

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  1. Peer review10 sources


  2. Westley-MacLean Modelbasic communication model, includes all ways one mind may affect another, balance entropy and redundancy


  3. Generalizationstatement of uniformities in relations between two or more variables of well-defined classes


  4. Internal reliabilitydo various subparts of a test provide comparable data?


  5. Research questionprocess by which we interpret sensory data through the five senses


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