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  1. Goals of mass communication
  2. Theory
  3. Selective perception
  4. Result of either/or thinking
  5. Name calling
  1. a general statement that summarizes our understanding of the way the world works; explains something difficult to understand
  2. b to interpret; tendency for people's perceptions to be influenced by wants, needs, attitudes and other psychological factors
  3. c giving an idea a bad label (terrorism)
  4. d may not make data invalid, but may skew data
  5. e to explain effects, uses, how people learn and how media shapes people's values and views

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  1. systematic method of analyzing message content; should include information about communication and psychographics
  2. theorists think mass media have some power over people
  3. take two groups and expose one to experimental variable to see how groups react
  4. intended, unintended
  5. both perceiver and world are active participants in the act of perception

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  1. Unintended effectintended, unintended


  2. Lasswell ModelWho, says what, in which channel, to whom, to what effect


  3. Testimonialhave some respected person praise product


  4. Embedshidden words and symbols (mainly sexual in nature) in advertising


  5. Four goals of propagandamobilize hatred against the enemy; preserve friendships of allies; procure cooperation of neutrals; demoralize the enemy


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