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Comm Theory Midterm Test

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  1. Logos
  2. Independent variable
  3. Result of either/or thinking
  4. Hypothesis
  5. Intuition
  1. a may not make data invalid, but may skew data
  2. b cause
  3. c scientific proposition, framed in conditional form (cause and effect)
  4. d logic
  5. e based on personal values, early socialization or common sense, argues for what is self-evident

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  1. repeating an experiment
  2. what did you find, present data
  3. coming together of services that have been separate
  4. knowledge of things, messages provide information and thoughts
  5. explain as much as possible with as little generalization as possible; strive for closure

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  1. Bullet theoryaudience members were isolated from one another and therefore vulnerable targets easily influenced by mass comm messages


  2. Cultural studies approachstudy role of mass media and communication in society


  3. Structural influencespsychological factors, introduce subjectivity to process


  4. Subliminal perceptionto interpret; tendency for people's perceptions to be influenced by wants, needs, attitudes and other psychological factors


  5. Pathosusing concepts that influence the way people behave


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