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the arena chapel in padua, Giotto, 1300

the very sumptuous hours of the duke of berry 1410

limbourg brothers

ghent altarpiece, van eyck, 1430

giovanni arnolfini and his bride 1430

van eyck,

the merode altarpiece 1430

master of flemalle,

the garden of earthly delights, hieronymus bosch, 1500

david, donatello, 1430

birth of venus botticelli, 1490

baptistery doors lorenzo ghiberti, 1400

virgin of the rocks da vinci, 1490

last supper da vinci, 1500

mona lisa da vinci, 1500

tempietto, bramante, 1500

michelangelo, 1500

frescoes at the sistine chapel michelangelo, 1500

school of athens, raphael, 1500

venus of urbino, titian, 1530


madonna with the long neck

parmigianino, 1530

isenheim altarpiece

grunewald, 1500

the burial of count orgaz el greco, 1590

mexican juggler and mexican indian 1530


mass of saint gregory school of san jose de los naturales 1530


ex voto. cuzco after the earthquake of 1650


st. mary of egypt 17th cen


the archangel barachiel with harquebus 18th cen

militant mary

hundreds of birds admiring the peacocks yin hong min dynasty


garden of the cessation of official life 16th cen suzhou


poet on a mountain top shen zhou 1500


landscape albums shitao 1700

abstract rocks

david bernini, 1630

saint teresa of avila in ecstasy 1650

calling of matthew caravaggio, 1610

judith slaying holofernes artemisia gentileschi, 1610

las meninas (the maids of honor) velazquez, 1650

henry iv receiving the portrait of marie de' medici 1630


the swing jean honore fragonard 1770

the death of marat david, 1800

the coronation of napoleon david, 1800

mrs elizabeth freake and baby mary 1670

mom and child

boy with a squirrel copley 1770


watson and the shark copley 1770

the artist in his museum charles wilson peale 1820


young omahaw, war eagle, little missouri, and pawnees charles bird king, 1820


george washington houdon, 1800

george washington grennough 1840

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