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skill or sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues


not interested; bored by


having no interest in; impartial; fair


a word's origin and history--how a word comes to have the meaning it has--its root, the language, etc.


excessive self-love--named after narcissus, the young Greek who was so handsome he saw his reflection in
a pond and was so attracted by it that he tried
to embrace it and fell in the pond and drowned.


a particular position, point, or place where something is located--from the same root as the words location, local, etc.--a term frequently used in math


not excluding any section of society or any party involved in something--deliberately choosing to
include rather than exclude someone or something


to express disapproval of; depreciate--"put down"


to respond to (a gesture or action) by making a corresponding one.


from the Latin which means "something for something"; If someone does something for you, and you do something in return; in other words you reciprocate the other person's action


being on time--a given in the real world


an attractive appearance that covers or disguises something's true nature or appearance--e.g., a thin walnut veneer covering a table made of pine


prohibited or restricted by social custom (set apart, forbidden)example: stereotypically, what questions are taboo to ask of women--how old are you? how much do you weigh?


providing psychological relief through the expression of strong emotions--e.g. watching a sad movie
and crying can provide a cathartic release


an absence of emotion or enthusiasm; a lack of feeling, emotion, or interest--"She was apathetic and had no school spirit."


You mad bro?

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