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  1. crossing over
  2. homozygous
  3. class
  4. sporophyte
  5. protist
  1. a the exchange of reciprocal segments of DNA by homologous chromosomes at the beginning of meiosis source of genetic recombination
  2. b refers to an individual with two identical alleles for a trait
  3. c a member of the kingdom Protista
  4. d diploid phase in the type of life cycle known as alternation of generations diploid individual that produces spores
  5. e taxonomic category containing orders with common characteristics

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  1. division of the cytophasm to form two separate cells
  2. a protist that moves using flexible cytoplasmic extensions
  3. seed plant that produces seeds that do not develop withing a fruit
  4. having only one set of chromosomes
  5. characteristic of an organism that is influenced by several genes

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  1. nonvascular planttemporary union of two organisms to exchange nuclear material


  2. herbivoreorganism that eats only plants or algae


  3. homologous chromosomea member of a chromosome pair both of which are similar in shape, size and the genes they carry


  4. genesection of a chromosome that codes for protein or RNA molecule


  5. bacillustaxonomic category containing genera with similar properties


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