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  1. pathogen
  2. gymnosperm
  3. oogenesis
  4. prokaryote
  5. fertilization
  1. a the process by which haploid gametes join to form a diploid zygote
  2. b a disease causing agent
  3. c process by which gametes are produced in female animals
  4. d single celled organism without a nucleus bacterial cell
  5. e seed plant that produces seeds that do not develop withing a fruit

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  1. taxonomic category consisting of rfamilies with similar characteristics
  2. process during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell completes two successive dibisions that produce four cells gametes each with a chromosome number that has been reduced by half
  3. seed plant that produces reproductive structures in flowers and seed within a fruit
  4. observable characteristics of an organism
  5. flesh eating organism

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  1. virusa strand of nucleic acid encased in a protein coat that can infect cells and replicate within them


  2. sporophytehaploid phase in the type of life cycle known as alternations of generations haploid individual that produces gametes


  3. monohybrid crossprocess during cell division in which the nucleus of a cell divides into two nuclei each with the same number and kind of chromosomes


  4. chromatidone of a pair of strands of DNA that make up a chromosome during meiosis or mitosis


  5. diploidhaving only one set of chromosomes


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