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  1. hermaphrodite
  2. monohybrid cross
  3. radula
  4. carnivore
  5. heredity
  1. a rasping tonguelike organ of mollusks uned in obtaining food
  2. b organism with both testes and ovaries
  3. c cross involving one pair of contrasting traits
  4. d flesh eating organism
  5. e transmission of genetic traits from parent to off spring

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  1. refers to an individual with two identical alleles for a trait
  2. taxonomic category containing orders with common characteristics
  3. section of a chromosome that codes for protein or RNA molecule
  4. science of naming and classifying organisms
  5. slender fingerlike organ of excretion that opens into the gut of certain arthropods

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  1. amoebahaploid cell that participates in fertiliazation by fusing with another haploid cell


  2. bacillusspherical shaped bacterium


  3. prokaryotea member of the kingdom Protista


  4. conjugationtemporary union of two organisms to exchange nuclear material


  5. angiospermseed plant that produces seeds that do not develop withing a fruit


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