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  1. Punnett square
  2. crossing over
  3. sessile
  4. haploid
  5. gamete
  1. a the exchange of reciprocal segments of DNA by homologous chromosomes at the beginning of meiosis source of genetic recombination
  2. b haploid cell that participates in fertiliazation by fusing with another haploid cell
  3. c having only one set of chromosomes
  4. d describes an organism that remains attached to a surfact for its entire life
  5. e diagram used by biologists to predict the probable outcome of a genetic cross

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  1. a member of a chromosome pair both of which are similar in shape, size and the genes they carry
  2. hard external covering of some invertebrates
  3. a member of the kingdom Protista
  4. science of naming and classifying organisms
  5. a disease causing agent

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  1. herbivoreorganism that eats only plants or algae


  2. monohybrid crosstaxonomic category consisting of rfamilies with similar characteristics


  3. bacillustaxonomic category containing orders with common characteristics


  4. hermaphroditeorganism with both testes and ovaries


  5. sex linked traitcharacteristic of an organism that is influenced by several genes


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