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  1. amass
  2. relevant
  3. willful
  4. prodigious
  5. elite
  1. a (adj.) stubbornly self-willed; done on purpose, deliberate
  2. b (n.) the choice part of a group of people or things; (adj.) superior
    syn: (n.) cream of the crop, upper crust
    ant: (n.) rank and file, dregs of society
  3. c (adj.) immense; extraordinary in bulk, size, or degree
    syn: gigantic, tremendous, astounding
    ant: puny, minuscule, insignificant
  4. d (adj.) connected with or related to the matter at hand
    syn: pertinent, germane, applicable
    ant: unconnected, extraneous
  5. e (v.) to bring together, collect, gather, especially for oneself; to come together, assemble
    syn: accumulate, pile up, garner
    ant: scatter, dissipate, squander, waster

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  1. (v.) to deprive of strength or ability; to make legally ineligible
    syn: disable, debilitate, paralyze, cripple
    ant: rehabilitate, restore
  2. (n.) a rope or chain used to fasten something to a fixed object; the outer limit of strength or resources (v.) to fasten with a rope or chain
    syn: (v.) tie up, chain up, leash
    ant: (v.) untie, let loose
  3. (v.) to yield to a request or command
    syn: submit to, consent to, acquiesce in
    ant: reject, refuse, decline
  4. (v.) to compete; to strive for victory or superiority
    syn: contend, rival
  5. (n.) a sounding together; agreement or accord
    syn: harmony, concord, assent

5 True/False questions

  1. audacious(adj.) bold, adventurous, recklessly daring
    syn: enterprising, brave
    ant: timid, cowardly


  2. myriad(adj.) not having or using, lacking
    syn: wanting, bereft
    ant: full, teeming, abounding


  3. instigate(v.) to urge on; to stir up, provoke, start, incite
    ant: stop, quell, squelch, quash


  4. skittish(adj.) extremely nervous and easily frightened; shy or timid; extremely cautious; unstable, undependable
    syn: jumpy, restive, capricious, fickle
    ant: bold, daring, reckless, cool, unflappable


  5. devoid(adj.) not having or using, lacking
    syn: wanting, bereft
    ant: full, teeming, abounding


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