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The small circuit boards that hold a series of RAM chips are called

memory modules

_______ is a very well know free VoIP provider


The Pepple e-paper watch founders used the crowd-funding site _________ to ask for $100,000 in pledges


A large network designed to provide access to a specific geographic area such as a large city is a ___________


A ____ uses electronic memory and has no motors or moving parts

solid-state drive

Two types of video memory are...


All of the following operating systems support P2P networks EXCEPT....


The CPU consists of...

The control unit and the arithmetic logic unit

TRUE or FALSE: There are more virus attacks on cell phone and smart phones than there are on PCs.


TRUE or FALSE: DRM-free music can legally be moved from system to system


TRUE or FALSE: Video cards never need a graphics processing unit (GPU)


All of the following are benefits of networks EXCEPT...

sharing an operating system

TRUE or FALSE: Twisted-pair cable is made up of plastic or glass fibers that transmit data at extremely fast speeds


The choice communication mode of people age 14-30 is...


____ is software that takes an existing Internet connection and turns it into a wireless hotspot


To transfer files from your computer to your music device use a ____ port


TRUE or FALSE: a processor in a cell phone is as fast as a processor in a desktop


TRUE or FALSE: A computer's memory subsystem is made up of only RAM


The ____ has the largest capacity of any storage device

The mechanical hard drive

An adaptive "network ready" thermostat called ________ communicates with your mobile device to check or adjust your home temperature even when you are away.


The amount of RAM that is actually on the memory modules in your computer is the _____ memory


TRUE or FALSE: Temporary data and instructions are not stored on the hard drive because it is faster to retrieve the data from RAM.


All of the following are technologies used to transfer digital information EXCEPT...


TRUE or FALSE: desktop computer systems are less reliable than laptop computers


TRUE or FALSE: VoIP can be considered an alternative to a traditional landline phone service.


Using a network without the network owner's permission is known as...


TRUE or FASLE: Level 3 cache is faster for the CPU to reach and is larger in size than Level 2 cache


A _____ is included in a cell phone to handle the compression of data for it to be quickly transmitted to another phone

digital signal processor chip

A ______ converts your voice's sound waves into digital signals

analog-to-digital converter chip

TRUE or FALSE: the solid-state drive is about 100 times faster than a mechanical hard drive


Network adapters _______

enables nodes in a network to communicate with each other

TRUE or FALSE: The most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is UTP cable


There are ___ levels of cache memory


Running the CPU at a faster speed than the manufacturer recommends is called....


All of the following are procedures you can follow to ensure your system performs reliably EXCEPT....

run key utilities only when you can observe the process

TRUE or FALSE: Thunderbolt can carry 3 channels of information on the same connector


All of the following are types of computer users EXCEPT...

typical user

TRUE or FALSE: Both MasterCard and Visa are piloting programs that would allow cell phone users to "tap and go"


Which statement pertaining to system reliability is FALSE...

An accumulation of temporary Internet files has no effect on your computer's overall performance

TRUE or FALSE: There is only one type of RAM


A customizable watch that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth is called

Pebble-e-paper watch

Devices that display textual information captured digitally are called


TRUE or FALSE: sharing files is a benefit of a network


TRUE or FALSE: A client computer is the computer on which users accomplish specific tasks


Which of the following describes the number of times an analog wave is measured each second during an analog-to-digital conversion

sampling rate

TRUE or FALSE: SMS technology send both text and photos


A new Asus device that combines the features of a phone and a tablet is a...


TRUE or FALSE: Windows uses a memory-management technique known as SuperFetch to monitor which applications you use the most


TRUE or FALSE: The use of multiple cores on one CPU chip allows the execution of 2 or more sets of instructions at the same time


TRUE or FALSE: The Rock e-paper watch connects your phone using Bluetooth


The most popular transmission media option for wired Ethernet networks is

Unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable

TRUE or FALSE: Wireless networks are more vulnerable to attack than wired networks


A peer-to-peer network is an example of ______ administration


The operating system of a cell phone is stored in ...


Text messaging is also called..

short message service (SMS)

TRUE or FALSE: the operating systems for tablets and smartphones are completely different


Integrating your wallet into your smartphone is accomplished through ______ technology.

near field communications (NFC)

TRUE or FALSE: A netbook uses a full traditional operating system


TRUE or FALSE: Call between Skype users are free


Client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs a specialized piece of software called ____________.

network operating system

TRUE or FALSE: cable tv and cable internet are the same service


Which of the following is NOT a main characteristic associated with desktop computers as compared to notebooks

a desktop computer is more expensive

TRUE or FALSE: Hard drives have been growing in storage capacity by about 50% each year


TRUE or FALSE: A printer connected to a wireless network is considered to be a node on that network


Which of the following uses radio waves to transmit data signals over short distances?


Cache memory levels are defined by...

the chip's proximity to the CPU

A _____ is a network located in your home that connects to all your digital devices


TRUE or FALSE: The CPU is located on the motherboard


You can send messages that include photos and videos between mobile devices using ___ technology

multimedia messaging service

TRUE or FALSE: Currently, all providers delivering 4G meet the promos of speeds up to 100Mbps


TRUE or FALSE: The sound card enables the computer to drive the speaker system


A ____ runs a traditional desktop operating system and is lightweight


All of the following are advantages of e-readers over paper books EXCEPT..

common digital formats

TRUE or FALSE: level 2 cache is slightly farther away from the CPU than Level 1 cache or on a separate chip


TRUE or FALSE: inexpensive phones with modest processors and simple interfaces are called feature phones


A network used to communicate among devices close to one person is called a...


TRUE or FALSE: iPhones let you add SD flash cards


TRUE or FALSE: Raw files are larger than JPEG files


TRUE or FALSE: Each wireless network has its own name to identify it, known as a service set identity.


TRUE or FALSE:If you reformat the hard drive on a computer, it erases all personal information from your computer and makes it safe to donate


TRUE or FALSE: P2P networks are most commonly used in home networks


_____ is the maximum speed at which data can be transferred between 2 nodes.


TRUE or FALSE: most computers today come with ethernet adapters already installed


TRUE or FALSE: it is possible to limit your signal range on your home wireless network


Wireless internet is available using

radio waves

TRUE or FALSE: Dropbox can be used only with computers using Windows


Which program provides a seven-layer overwrite for the Mac operating system?

ShredIt X

For the nodes on a network to communicate with each other and access the network, each node needs a...

network adapter

All of the following are extra precautions you can take to secure a wireless network, EXCEPT

enable SSID broadcast

Which of the following statements is NOT true about the JPEG file format

JPEG's are larger than raw files

TRUE or FALSE: a network must be 3 or more computers that are connected through software and hardware so they can communicate with each other.


TRUE or FALSE: All cell phones have the same components as any computer


Sophisticated networks generally use which of the following hardware devices to ease the flow of data through the network?

Routers and switches

SSID stands for...

service set identifier

A client/server network is an example of ______ administration


Which is the tastes type of optical drive on the market?

Blu Ray drives

Data are sent through a network on bundles called...


Network architectures are classified according to

The way in which they are managed and the distance between their nodes

TRUE or FALSE: in a peer-to-peer network, one computer acts as the server


RAM is an example of

volatile storage

TRUE or FALSE: solid state drives have no platters or motors


Moore's Law predicts that the number of transistors inside a CPU will triple every 2 years.


_______ is a single cable that carries all audio and video information from devices connected to a TV to the TV itself


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