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  1. Beckon
  2. Employ
  3. Dither
  4. Wriggle
  5. Perspire
  1. a to put to use
  2. b to move by twisting like a worm
  3. c to sweat
  4. d to call someone over
  5. e to be indecisive

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  1. to avoid a task or obligation
  2. to put into words
  3. to shorten
  4. to make secret plans to commit wrongful acts
  5. to return to a previous state or condition

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  1. Resideto mislead, deceive or trick


  2. Scoldto burn with hot liquid or steam


  3. Incarcerateto put in prison


  4. Behooveto benefit


  5. Jeerto make rude and mocking remarks


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