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  1. Cordon
  2. Reap
  3. Defenestrate
  4. Undulate
  5. Enunciate
  1. a to pronounce clearly
  2. b to prevent people from entering; to rope off or block
  3. c to throw someone or something out a window
  4. d to gather; to harvest
  5. e to move in waves

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  1. to become dry due to age
  2. to raise; to lower; to increase in intensity
  3. to hide something; to place out of sight
  4. to achieve or receive/earn
  5. to imitate or copy someone

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  1. Boondoggleto waste time with trivial tasks


  2. Irkto bother, to annoy


  3. Alludeto mislead, deceive or trick


  4. Clamberto change


  5. Commenceto begin


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