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  1. Clamber
  2. Implicate
  3. Squander
  4. Articulate
  5. Undulate
  1. a to move in waves
  2. b to climb awkwardly
  3. c to put into words
  4. d to spend foolishly; to waste
  5. e to show someone is involved in a crime

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  1. to raise; to lower; to increase in intensity
  2. to occupy a place
  3. to enter restricted space; to intrude
  4. to decide (usually between two options)
  5. to occupy a place idly (to stand around and do nothing)

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  1. Antagonizeto cause someone to be hostile


  2. Witherto be indecisive


  3. Perspireto sweat


  4. Immolateto destroy with fire


  5. Siftto sort through, to separate particles


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