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  1. Prohibit
  2. Emit
  3. Sow
  4. Shirk
  5. Abridge
  1. a to give off; to release
  2. b to avoid a task or obligation
  3. c to stop or ban a practice
  4. d to scatter seeds; to begin growth
  5. e to shorten

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  1. to remove from entanglements
  2. to make secret plans to commit wrongful acts
  3. to portray someone evil or criminal
  4. to experience great anguish or worry
  5. to withdraw from an organization

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  1. Ossifyto portray someone evil or criminal


  2. Revertto return to a previous state or condition


  3. Antagonizeto cause someone to be hostile


  4. Cordonto prevent people from entering; to rope off or block


  5. Escalateto raise; to lower; to increase in intensity


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