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  1. Ambulate
  2. Loiter
  3. Exonerate
  4. Cordon
  5. Articulate
  1. a to occupy a place idly (to stand around and do nothing)
  2. b to free from blame; to find not guilty
  3. c to walk from place to place
  4. d to prevent people from entering; to rope off or block
  5. e to put into words

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  1. to stir or mix up
  2. to steal
  3. to sweat
  4. to throw someone or something out a window
  5. to direct one's hopes and efforts towards achieving a goal

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  1. Escalateto raise; to lower; to increase in intensity


  2. Revertto turn upside down; to reverse the arrangement of


  3. Employto give off; to release


  4. Convertto turn upside down; to reverse the arrangement of


  5. Encroachto pronounce clearly


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