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  1. Convert
  2. Allude
  3. Ossify
  4. Peruse
  5. Vilify
  1. a to look at or examine
  2. b to refer to indirectly
  3. c to portray someone evil or criminal
  4. d to become rigid or inflexible
  5. e to change

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  1. to turn upside down; to reverse the arrangement of
  2. to shorten
  3. to govern; to rule over
  4. to stop or ban a practice
  5. to return to a previous state or condition

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  1. Embarkto begin a journey


  2. Incarcerateto flood or overwhelm


  3. Adhereto scold or criticize


  4. Witherto stick to; to hold fast


  5. Aggravateto make worse; to increase the effects of


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