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  1. Musical fifths ascending sharp fourth is
  2. In 4/4 time whole rest counts
  3. Beyond the Horizon
  4. lunga
  5. Musicals fifths ascending sharp first is
  1. a C
  2. b long
  3. c A
  4. d This piece is in minor it ends with a picardy third
  5. e 4 counts

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  1. energetically
  2. This piece was originally written for band in 2002
  3. Jan de Haan is a Dutch composer
  4. This piece is a musical portrayal of a journey through Africa
  5. Paul Jennings

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  1. Musical fifths decending flat fourthG flat


  2. The basketball tem always enters the court while we play _____ and this is part of what larger workJesus Christ Superstar this is a rock opera


  3. conmore


  4. grandiosograndly


  5. In 6/8 time fast sixthteenth rest counts1/6 count


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