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  1. Musical fifths ascending sharp sevenths is
  2. Harmonic minor
  3. augmentation
  4. mosso
  5. natural minor
  1. a raise the 7th note up and down
  2. b F sharp
  3. c the lengthening of note/rest values in a melodic part
  4. d motion
  5. e the scales share the same key signature start on a different note

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  1. 3 counts
  2. lively
  3. no sharps or flats
  4. grandly
  5. E

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  1. pesanteheavy


  2. allegrettofast but slower than allegro


  3. moltoverymuch


  4. piumore


  5. What eometric shape describes the balance our band tries to achieve and where do the various instuments fall into this shapeConcert Ab


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