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  1. fermata
  2. Musical fifths ascending sharp sixth is
  3. pesante
  4. In 4/4 time whole note
  5. presto/vivace
  1. a 4 counts
  2. b B
  3. c heavy
  4. d hold
  5. e very fast

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  1. with
  2. D
  3. expresively
  4. E
  5. This piece is a musical portrayal of a journey through Africa

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  1. vivolittle


  2. what is a motive/motifa composition adapted to a medium different from which it was originally composed


  3. stringendogradually louder


  4. Why do you sit where you do in bandpercussion in back tenor saxes and euphoniums toghether flutes and clarinets in the first row tubbbas in the middle of the back row


  5. dolcesweetly


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