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  1. In 6/8 time slow dotted half note
  2. Musical fifths decending flat first
  3. Beyond the Horizon
  4. In 6/8 time fast whole rest
  5. In 4/4 time whole note
  1. a an overture ABA form
  2. b F flat
  3. c 6 counts
  4. d 4 counts
  5. e 2 counts

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  1. One hears: sounds and feel of the Kalihari desert, party time at the Masai Festival, the Gorilla lullaby a camel caravan jouney to Marrakesh, the awe and wonder of Mt. Kilamanjaro. This is program music.
  2. simple
  3. The theme is written by Tylman susato and was written in 1551
  4. moderate
  5. B flat

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  1. Musical fifths decending flat thirdF flat


  2. In 4/4 time sixthteenth note1/8 count


  3. forteloud


  4. diminutionthe lengthening of note/rest values in a melodic part


  5. Musical fifths ascending sharp eighth isA


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