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  1. Musical fifthsascending sharp second is
  2. flats
  3. natural minor
  4. In 6/8 time fast dotted quarter rest counts
  5. What is the title for the first chair clarinetist
  1. a 1 count
  2. b the scales share the same key signature start on a different note
  3. c G
  4. d beadgcf
  5. e Concertmaster

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  1. soft
  2. 1/4 count
  3. C flat
  4. cut time
  5. 2/3 count

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  1. In 4/4 time quarter rest counts1 count


  2. cantabilesining


  3. Key of cno sharps or flats


  4. What is transcriptionThe translation of a work from on medium to another


  5. How many people in our bandThis piece is a musical portrayal of a journey through Africa


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