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  1. enzyme
  2. RNA
  3. organic compound
  4. acid
  5. hemoglobin
  1. a specialized protein that carries oxygen on red blood cells
  2. b compound that release H+ ions in solution; pH less than 7
  3. c single stranded nucleic acid used for protein synthesis
  4. d specialized protein that speeds up a chemical reaction by decreasing activation energy; typically end in "ase"
  5. e compound that contains carbon bonded to hydrogen and is found in living things

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  1. measurement system used to indicate how acidic or basic a substance is; measures the concentration of H+ ions
  2. substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction
  3. huge molecule that contains carbon, hydrogen, and a little oxygen; includes fats, oils, and waxes
  4. process that changes one set of chemicals into another set of chemicals
  5. polysaccharide that is the main component of plant

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  1. fatty acidbuilding block or monomer of a protein


  2. amino acidwith glycerol, make up the building blocks of lipids


  3. insulincontains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen; makes up cell/body structures and enzymes


  4. glycogensimple sugar that is used to make ATP through cellular respiration


  5. substratereactant in a chemical reaction that happens in a living thing


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