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  1. fatty acid
  2. activation energy
  3. monosaccharide
  4. polymer
  5. glycogen
  1. a with glycerol, make up the building blocks of lipids
  2. b large molecule made up of smaller building blocks or monomers
  3. c compound used by animals to store carbohydrates in the liver and skeletal muscles
  4. d energy needed to start a reaction
  5. e building block of a carbohydrate; simple sugar

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  1. huge molecule that contains carbon, hydrogen, and a little oxygen; includes fats, oils, and waxes
  2. when an enzyme changes shape and no longer functions due to high temperatures or wrong pH
  3. simple sugar that is used to make ATP through cellular respiration
  4. link formed by two electrons that binds atoms together; where the energy in a compound is stored
  5. compound that release H+ ions in solution; pH less than 7

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  1. carbohydratecontains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; main source of energy for body, commonly end in "ose"


  2. insulincontains carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen; makes up cell/body structures and enzymes


  3. productchemical that results from a chemical reaction


  4. starchsingle stranded nucleic acid used for protein synthesis


  5. substratecompound that releases OH- ions in solution; pH greater than 7


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