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  1. catalyst
  2. glycerol
  3. organic compound
  4. chemical bond
  5. RNA
  1. a substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction
  2. b with fatty acids, make up the building blocks of lipids
  3. c link formed by two electrons that binds atoms together; where the energy in a compound is stored
  4. d single stranded nucleic acid used for protein synthesis
  5. e compound that contains carbon bonded to hydrogen and is found in living things

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  1. energy needed to start a reaction
  2. building block or small unit of a polymer; can be linked into chains
  3. double stranded nucleic acid that stores and transmits genetic information
  4. large molecule made up of smaller building blocks or monomers
  5. contains carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; main source of energy for body, commonly end in "ose"

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  1. substratereactant in a chemical reaction that happens in a living thing


  2. amino acidbuilding block or monomer of a protein


  3. hemoglobinspecialized protein that carries oxygen on red blood cells


  4. starchsingle stranded nucleic acid used for protein synthesis


  5. acidcompound that release H+ ions in solution; pH less than 7


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