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  1. Thomas Jefferson
  2. "the shot hear round the world"
  3. General Edward Braddock
  4. Paul Revere
  5. Constitutional Convention
  1. a did the actual writing of the Declaration of Independence
  2. b first shot fired in the American War for Independence; fired in Lexington
  3. c commander of all British forces in the North American colonies during the French and Indian War
  4. d a well-known Boston patriot and silversmith who is known for his famous midnight ride to warn the colonists at Lexington, "The British are coming!"
  5. e meeting held in Philadelphia in 1787; purpose was to discuses what could be done to make our government stronger; delegates decided that a brand new form of government having three branches was needed

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  1. meeting in Philadelphia in 1775; served as the representative government in America over the next several years
  2. first Vice President of the United States; second President
  3. president of the Second Continental Congress; first to sign the Declaration of Independence
  4. Dates of the French and Indian War
  5. fort to which Washington was sent with a message during the French and Indian War

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  1. Declaration of Independencehelped to plan Washington, D.C.; the first black American to write a scientific book


  2. Treaty of Parisdocument signed by England giving up her American colonies and any claims to land east of the Mississippi; officially made the colonies free and independent states; signed in 1783


  3. Senate and House of RepresentativesTwo branches of Congress


  4. First Ammendmenta body or organization set up to rule the people of a certain area


  5. Articles of Confederationthe first major battle in the War for Independence fought on June 17, 1775; the British won, but it showed them that the Americans could fight


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