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  1. minutemen
  2. Boston Tea Party
  3. Treaty of Paris
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. Betsy Ross
  1. a the event in which American colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped 300 chests of English tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax on tea
  2. b thought to have been the one who made the first official flag of the United States
  3. c did the actual writing of the Declaration of Independence
  4. d Massachusetts patriots who said they could be ready to fight at a minute's notice
  5. e document signed by England giving up her American colonies and any claims to land east of the Mississippi; officially made the colonies free and independent states; signed in 1783

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  1. *Branch of government that interprets the laws
    *Supreme Court (highest court in the land)
  2. the man who did the most important work at the Constitutional Convention; became the fourth President of the United States
  3. led a group of men from Virginia down the Ohio River to capture several British forts; because of his efforts, the Americans were able to control the Northwest frontier
  4. led the British armies in the South during the War for Independence; took Georgia and almost all of South Carolina; surrendered his army at Yorktown on October 19, 1781
  5. America ship captained by John Paul Jones; named for Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Alamanack

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  1. Serapisthose who wanted America to be free from Britain's control


  2. Inauguration Daythe day on which our President takes his oath into office


  3. John Hancockfirst Vice President of the United States; second President


  4. Liberty Bellrung in Philadelphia to gather the townspeople together to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence


  5. King George IIIking of England who heavily taxed the American colonies


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