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  1. Bonhomme Richard
  2. First Continental Congress
  3. Hessians
  4. George Rogers Clark
  5. Articles of Confederation
  1. a first plan of government that the states agreed upon; the government was given no power to tax and no power to settle quarrels between states
  2. b German soldiers hired by King George to fight against the Americans
  3. c led a group of men from Virginia down the Ohio River to capture several British forts; because of his efforts, the Americans were able to control the Northwest frontier
  4. d America ship captained by John Paul Jones; named for Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Alamanack
  5. e a meeting held in Philadelphia in September of 1774; the colonists decided not to buy goods from England; sent a request to King George asking that their rights as Englishmen be respected

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  1. the day on which our President takes his oath into office
  2. first shot fired in the American War for Independence; fired in Lexington
  3. war between the French and the British; both countries claimed land along the Ohio River
  4. money that people pay to their government for use in helping to run the government
  5. the event in which American colonists dressed up as Indians and dumped 300 chests of English tea into Boston Harbor to protest the tax on tea

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  1. minutemenplace where General Washington's victory led to the surrender of the British army


  2. Fort le Boeuffort to which Washington was sent with a message during the French and Indian War


  3. Liberty Bellthought to have been the one who made the first official flag of the United States


  4. Battle of Bunker Hillthe turning point of the American War for Independence


  5. John Adamsfirst Vice President of the United States; second President


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