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  1. Liberty Bell
  2. John Paul Jones
  3. First Ammendment
  4. Battle of Bunker Hill
  5. Serapis
  1. a rung in Philadelphia to gather the townspeople together to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence
  2. b gives Americans freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly
  3. c one of the first officers of our navy; said, "I have not yet begun to fight!"
  4. d British ship that fought he Bonhomme Richard
  5. e the first major battle in the War for Independence fought on June 17, 1775; the British won, but it showed them that the Americans could fight

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  1. Two branches of Congress
  2. an angry encounter between colonists and British soldiers in March of 1770 in which five colonists were killed
  3. a meeting held in Philadelphia in September of 1774; the colonists decided not to buy goods from England; sent a request to King George asking that their rights as Englishmen be respected
  4. president of the Second Continental Congress; first to sign the Declaration of Independence
  5. a black slave who served in the colonial army as a spy

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  1. George Rogers Clarkled a group of men from Virginia down the Ohio River to capture several British forts; because of his efforts, the Americans were able to control the Northwest frontier


  2. civil governmenta body or organization set up to rule the people of a certain area


  3. Judicial Branch*Branch of government that interprets the laws
    *Supreme Court (highest court in the land)


  4. constitutional republica form of government in which the people and their elected representatives are limited by a constitution


  5. Fort le Boeuffort to which Washington was sent with a message during the French and Indian War


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