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  1. The sequence of events that take place; how the story unfolds; what happens in the story.
  2. The people in the story are called _____.
  3. Way or method the author uses to tell the story. Many authors have a certain ________.
  4. The feeling the AUTHOR CREATES for the reader during the exposition.
  5. The main character--often the "good guy."

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  1. characterizationThe people in the story are called _____.


  2. point of viewThe way in which the story is told; who is telling it. it includes various types of narrators.


  3. exposition (introduction)The story's beginning where characters, setting, mood, and point of view are extablished; "plunges the reader into the story"


  4. themeCentral idea(s) in a piece of literature. Author's message.


  5. settingThe place AND time of the story, determined by styles of clothing, technology, historical occurences, customs, manner or speaking, and more.


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