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Literary Elements Review Burke- In Parts: Part I Test

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  1. The story's beginning where characters, setting, mood, and point of view are extablished; "plunges the reader into the story"
  2. The person or thing against the main character.
  3. The author uses "he" or "she" or "it" to create what kind of narrator?
  4. Way or method the author uses to tell the story. Many authors have a certain ________.
  5. The people in the story are called _____.

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  1. protagonistThe main character--often the "good guy."


  2. settingThe place AND time of the story, determined by styles of clothing, technology, historical occurences, customs, manner or speaking, and more.


  3. first personThe author uses "i" or "we" to create what kind of narrator?


  4. point of viewThe way in which the story is told; who is telling it. it includes various types of narrators.


  5. characterizationThe people in the story are called _____.


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