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  1. Chromosomes
  2. Anatomy
  3. Phlegmatic
  4. Tissue
  5. Physiology
  1. a The study of the human body, all its parts, and how it's put together.
  2. b DNA is packaged into units called ______. Your body has 46 of these units.
  3. c A group of cells of the same type.
  4. d A personality that is easy to get along with and usually happy.
  5. e The study of how all the parts of the body function.

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  1. A Dutch scientist who discovered how to magnify things with glass lenses.
  2. Tiny organisms that can cause diseases.
  3. The organelles that look like stacked pancakes and store proteins and fats.
  4. A personality that is excitable and full of energy.
  5. The wrong idea that life can come into existence from nonliving things.

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  1. CytoplasmThe name of the four liquids that Hippocrates believed would bring health to the body, if a person had equal amounts of the liquids.


  2. NucleotidesThese are strung together to make genes.


  3. GlucoseTiny organisms that can cause diseases.


  4. LysosomesOrganelles that protect the cell from foreign invaders and break down chemicals.


  5. AristotleA Greek philosopher before Hippocrates, considered one of the greatest thinkers of all time.


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