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  1. a literary form that is typically set in non-existent realms and features supernatural beings.
  2. a type of folk tale story that describes the adventures of great heroes (with no supernatural powers) passed down over generations.
  3. writing that tells about imaginary events involving science or technology.
  4. stories based on events in history which include fictional elements.
  5. a personal written record of daily thoughts and events.

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  1. epica fictional tale that describes the actions of gods and heroes or explains the causes of natural phenomena.


  2. memoirsan autobiographical form of writing in which the author gives his or her personal impressions of significant figures or events.


  3. folk talea type of folk tale that may contain humor, hyperbole, far-fetched situations, highly imaginative language, and a hero who performs outrageous feats.


  4. tall talea story originating in oral tradition passed down from generations.


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