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the sequence of events in a literary work.


introduces the setting, characters, and basic situation (conflict, problem) of a story.

rising action

all the events leading up to the climax.


highest point of interest or suspense in a literary work.

falling action

events between the climax and the resolution.


the end of the major conflict.


another term for falling action.

narrative hook

the point in a literary work at which the author catches reader attention by presenting an interesting problem or situation that begins the conflict.


at the center of the plot, the struggle between two opposing forces.


a person or animal in a literary work.


the place and time in which a story takes place. It helps create the atmosphere of the story.


the main idea of a literary work usually expressed as a general statement about life.


the writer's attitude toward his audience and subject.


the feeling created in a reader by a literary work.


a feeling of curiosity or uncertainty about the outcome of events in a literary work.

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