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  1. hieroglyphic
  2. sanctus
  3. deify
  4. consecrate
  5. atheist
  1. a hard to read, or picture writing
  2. b to make or declare something sacred, to make something a goal
  3. c to make a god of
  4. d holy-sanctimonious sanction,sanctity, sanctuary
  5. e no god believer

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  1. government run by religion
  2. to believe- accredit, credence, creditable,credulous,creed
  3. to authorize, to certify, to believe
  4. making a god of something: deification, a glorified ideal:an essence
  5. to denounce as evil or to curse or detest

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  1. sanctitygodliness, holiness


  2. creedsacred- consecrate, execrate, sacrament, sacrilege, sacrosanct


  3. impiousreligious devotion, or great respect toward parents


  4. sacrementdisrespect to something regarded as sacred


  5. sanctionapproval, support, permission


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