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  1. consecrate
  2. sanctity
  3. sanction
  4. pio piare piavi piatum
  5. deus
  1. a approval, support, permission
  2. b to make or declare something sacred, to make something a goal
  3. c godliness, holiness
  4. d god- deify, deity,
  5. e to appease, to purify with sacred rights- expiate, piety, impious, pittance

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  1. to foretell and divine-divine, divinity, apotheosis,theocracy, theology, atheist, pantheism, pantheon
  2. organized by rank
  3. acceptance as true, beleives
  4. something considered to have sacred significance
  5. making a god of something: deification, a glorified ideal:an essence

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  1. hierosholy, sacred, supernatural- hierarchy,hieroglyphics


  2. sanctusholy-sanctimonious sanction,sanctity, sanctuary


  3. sacrosanctsomething considered to have sacred significance


  4. expiateto denounce as evil or to curse or detest


  5. pittancesmall amount or portion, especially of money


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