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  1. sacrosanct
  2. execrate
  3. sanctimonious
  4. sacer
  5. pantheon
  1. a to denounce as evil or to curse or detest
  2. b all the gods of a people or a religion, or the ancient Greece pantheon
  3. c sacred- consecrate, execrate, sacrament, sacrilege, sacrosanct
  4. d pretending to be righteous
  5. e sacred (ironically)

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  1. making a god of something: deification, a glorified ideal:an essence
  2. statement or belief or principle
  3. small amount or portion, especially of money
  4. a god or goddess of, a divine being, state of being divine, the study of Christan theology
  5. god or goddess

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  1. pantheismidentifying god with nature: belief in all gods


  2. pietyreligious devotion, or great respect toward parents


  3. deifyto make a god of


  4. accreditno god believer


  5. hieroglyphicorganized by rank


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