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  1. alliteration
  2. aptmosphere
  3. cacophony
  4. allusion
  5. farce
  1. a mood
  2. b repitition of constant sounds
  3. c a reference to some sort of aspect of literature
  4. d harsh, unpleasent sound
  5. e type of comedy based on ridiculous situations

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  1. story in a sermon
  2. a proverb
  3. interupts to show previous events
  4. the use of a word that is simillar to the meaning
  5. quality in a work that arouses one's feelings for a character

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  1. figurative languagesimilie metaphore


  2. synecdochefigure of speech with exageration


  3. hyperbolefigure of speech with exageration


  4. fablestory told with animals


  5. balladin verse


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