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  1. alliteration
  2. oxymoron
  3. plot
  4. exposition
  5. in medias res
  1. a sequence of events in a story
  2. b a figure of speech that combines opposite or contridictary ideas
  3. c repitition of constant sounds
  4. d part of narrative or drama in which an important background
  5. e teqnique of plunging into the middle of a story and later using a flashback to tell what has happened recently

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  1. drawing exaggerated
  2. interupts to show previous events
  3. figure of speech with exageration
  4. popular in 18th and 19th centuries
  5. poem that deals in an idealized way

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  1. synecdochefigure of speech with exageration


  2. aptmospherewhen one speaks to nonliving stuff


  3. antithesisopposite


  4. biowhen written by somone else


  5. aphorismbio written by that person


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