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  1. apostrophe
  2. antogonist
  3. novella
  4. onomatopeia
  5. aside
  1. a opposite
  2. b when one speaks to nonliving stuff
  3. c internal thought audience
  4. d the use of a word that is simillar to the meaning
  5. e a long short story

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  1. part of narrative or drama in which an important background
  2. similie metaphore
  3. characters are common happy ending
  4. poem that deals in an idealized way
  5. harsh, unpleasent sound

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  1. conceitkind of metaphore comparison between to unlike things very


  2. assonancerepition of vowel sounds


  3. personathe humorous imitation of a work or a person


  4. novela book-length, lengthy, fictional, narrative


  5. allusiona reference to some sort of aspect of literature


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