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  1. aside
  2. alliteration
  3. figure of speech
  4. synecdoche
  5. farce
  1. a type of comedy based on ridiculous situations
  2. b substitutes part of a whole
  3. c similie metaphore
  4. d internal thought audience
  5. e repitition of constant sounds

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  1. opposite
  2. story in a sermon
  3. statement that reveals a truth
  4. iambic pentameter
  5. part of narrative or drama in which an important background

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  1. biosequence of events in a story


  2. climaxhigh point of the story


  3. figurative languagenot to be interperated litteraly


  4. gothic novelpopular in 18th and 19th centuries


  5. personificationan asumed personality


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