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  1. a the movement of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
  2. b the stuff that is dissolved in that water.
  3. c proteins on cell surfaces that allow them to stick to other cells, responsible for allowing white blood cells to attach to a damaged tissue and initiate inflammation.
  4. d spread of cancerous cells away from their point of origin
  5. e the solution with the LOWER solute concentration than the other.

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  1. when cells develop unique characteristics they are said to:
  2. all the cells in the human body except for the sperm and the egg
  3. the term used to refer either to the sperm or the egg
  4. of cancer = the spread of cancerous cells from one organ to a more distant one.
  5. there is a difference in the number and type of ions that are found along the inner and outer membrane surface, this creates what is known as an:

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  1. RBCs EXPOSED TO AN ISOTONIC SOLUTIONmeasurable voltage across the membrane of a resting nerve or muscle cell that is called the:....cell in this state is said to be polarized


  2. PHAGOCYTOSIScell drinking


  3. SIMPLE DIFFUSIONthe tendency of atoms, molecules, or ions in a liquid or air solution to move spontaneously from where there are more of them to where there are fewer of them.


  4. HYPERTONICthe solution with the HIGHER concentration of solute than the other solution.


  5. STEM CELLgreater the difference in the amount of the diffusing substance, the faster diffusion will occur.


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