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  4. DNA
  1. a the water which is in the cytosol or ECF
  2. b the process by which the somatic cells divide and form repllicas of themselves
  3. c in the nucleus of each somatic cell there are 46 separate strands of...
  4. d forms the outer boundary of the cell, regulates movement of substance into and out of cell
  5. e there is a difference in the number and type of ions that are found along the inner and outer membrane surface, this creates what is known as an:

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  1. act as carriers that move substances across the membrane ECF-ICF
  2. simple diffusion- the diffusing substance is said to:
  3. proteins on cell surfaces that allow them to stick to other cells, responsible for allowing white blood cells to attach to a damaged tissue and initiate inflammation.
  4. movement into cells
  5. lipid solluble substances pass easily through lipid bilayer; water-soluble substances DO NOT pass must be moved across via membrane proteins

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  1. HYPERTONICthe solution with the LOWER solute concentration than the other.


  2. STEM CELLgreater the difference in the amount of the diffusing substance, the faster diffusion will occur.


  3. ONCOLOGYstudy of cancer


  4. METASTASISthe process by which the somatic cells divide and form repllicas of themselves


  5. GAMETEthe term used to refer either to the sperm or the egg


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