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  1. Financial Plan
  2. Unearned Income
  3. Time Value of Money
  4. Interest
  5. Entrepreneur
  1. a 1. Cost of borrowing money. 2. Earnings from lending money.
  2. b Earnings from sources other than employment, including investment returns and royalties.
  3. c An individual who conceives of, establishes, operates, and assumes the risks of a business.
  4. d The potential of an investment to increase in value through periodically compounded earnings.
  5. e A report that identifies a person's financial goals, needs, and expected future earning, saving, investing, insurance, and debt management activities; it typically includes a statement of net worth.

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  1. A legal declaration of a person's wishes for the disposition of his or her estate after death.
  2. An actual or potential financial obligation.
  3. The process of keeping an orderly account of a person's financial affairs, including income earned, taxes paid, household expenditures, loans, insurance policies, and legal documents.
  4. Provides liability and property damage coverage under specific circumstances.
  5. Protects from losses due to damage to the contents of a dwelling rather than the dwelling itself.

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  1. WageA government fee on business and individual income, activities, or products.


  2. ProspectusA legal document that provides detailed information about mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other investments offered for sale, as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


  3. PrivacyA measure of the likelihood of loss or the uncertainty of an investment's rate of return.


  4. Disposable IncomeGross pay minus deductions for taxes.


  5. DiversificationA strategy for reducing some types of risk by selecting a wide variety of investments.


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