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  1. Scam
  2. Easy Access Credit
  3. Close-end Credit
  4. Finance Charge
  5. Job
  1. a A fraudulent or deceptive act.
  2. b A position of employment with specific duties and compensation. (See Career.)
  3. c A specific-purpose loan requiring repayment with interest and any other finance charges by a specific date. Examples include most mortgages or auto loans.
  4. d The total dollar amount paid for credit. Example: A $100 loan repaid with $9 interest plus a $1 service fee has a finance charge of $10.
  5. e Short-term loans granted regardless of credit history, often for very short periods and at high interest rates. (See Pawnshops, Payday loans, Rent-to-own, and Title loans.)

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  1. A legally binding agreement between two or more parties.
  2. A state or federally chartered for-profit financial institution that pays dividends on deposits and makes mortgage loans.
  3. Earnings from corporate stock or credit union share accounts.
  4. Protects from losses due to damage to the contents of a dwelling rather than the dwelling itself.
  5. The assets and debts that a person leaves at death.

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  1. Social SecurityStock ownership in a corporation.


  2. Probate CourtThe government institution with jurisdiction over a deceased person's will and estate.


  3. Tax DeferralGross wage or salary, plus bonuses, minus deductions such as for taxes, health care premiums, and retirement savings.


  4. Rate of ReturnAnnual earnings on an investment expressed as a percentage of the amount invested; also known as yield. Example: A $3 annual dividend divided by $34 share cost = 0.088, an 8.8% rate of return.


  5. Savings AccountA financial institution deposit account that pays interest and allows withdrawals.


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