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  1. Credit Card
  2. Inflation
  3. Rent-to-Own
  4. Debt
  5. Financial Plan
  1. a Something owed, usually measured in dollars.
  2. b A plan to buy a product with little or no down payment by renting it until the final payment is made, at which point the total paid far exceeds the product's purchase price.
  3. c A plastic card that authorizes the delivery of goods and services in exchange for future payment with interest, according to a specific schedule.
  4. d A report that identifies a person's financial goals, needs, and expected future earning, saving, investing, insurance, and debt management activities; it typically includes a statement of net worth.
  5. e An overall rise in the price of goods and services; the opposite of the less common deflation.

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  1. Covers specific medical costs associated with illness, injury, and disability.
  2. Income that results when the selling price of an asset is greater than the original purchase price.
  3. The process of calculating risk and devising methods to minimize or manage loss, for example, by buying insurance or diversifying investments.
  4. Another name for budget.
  5. A statistical measure of a loan applicant's creditworthiness, which is the likelihood of repayment.

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  1. EntrepreneurA person who relies on another individual for support.


  2. Business PlanA description of a company's organizational structure, staff, activities, and marketing and financial plans, including expected sources of income and expenses.


  3. Collection AgencyPhysical objects—such as fine art, stamps, and antiques—that an investor buys in the hope that they will grow in value.


  4. Comparison ShoppingA method of investing a fixed amount in the same type of investment at regular intervals, regardless of price.


  5. Living WillA document representing a loan of more than one year to the U.S. government, to be repaid, with interest on a specified date.


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