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  1. hernia
  2. pseudohypertrophy
  3. rigor mortis
  4. tendinitis
  5. fibromyalgia
  1. a a disorder of pain; tenderness and stiffness in joint capsule of muscle, tendons, and soft tissue
  2. b stiffness due to death
  3. c protrusion or projection of an organ or part of an organ through the wall of the cavity which normally contains it
  4. d inflammation of the lining and enclosed tendon
  5. e "false muscle growth" caused by certain diseases

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  1. injury to the tibial muscle; pain on the anterior of leg
  2. stiff neck caused by contraction of the neck muscles
  3. inflammation of the sac around a joint
  4. a record of the contraction of a muscle as a result of electrical stimulation
  5. pain in the muscle

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  1. fibrosisabnormal formation of fibrous tissue (a scar)


  2. myomadivision or dissection of muscles


  3. myastenia graviscondition of no strength in the muscle; neuromuscular disease leading to fluctuating muscle weakness; autoimmune disease


  4. myotomydivision or dissection of muscles


  5. ganglion cysttumors developing on a tendon (sometimes on back of wrist)


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