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Worksheet for Dr. Sturges

All cells do not respond to endocrine system stimulation. Only those that had proper_________on their cell membranes are activated by the chemical messengers.


These responsive cells are called the _____ ____ of the various endocrine glands.

Target cells

Hormones promote homeostasis by _______ _________ of the body cells, rather than by _______ ___ __ _______ ________.

Altering activity, stimulating new or unusual activity

Most hormones are ______ or ____ ___ molecules

steroid, amino acid

The various endocrine glands are prodded to release their hormones by nerve fibers (a ______ stimulus), or by the presence of increased or decreased levels of various other substances in the blood ( a ______ stimulus).

Neural, Humoral

The secretion of most hormones is regulated by a ________ ______ system, which increasing levels of that particular hormone "turns off" its stimulus.

Negative Feedback

The _____ _______ is called the master endocrine gland because it regulates so many other endocrine organs.

Anterior Pituitary

However, it is in turn controlled by _______ ________ secreted by the _______.

releasing hormones, Hypothalamus

This structure is also part of the brain, so it is appropriately called a __________ organ.


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