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  1. fetal period
  2. nature
  3. Human Developmetn
  4. fertilization
  5. preoperational stage
  1. a the time from about eight weeks after conception until the birth of the child
  2. b the union of the ovum and sperm
  3. c piagets second stage of cognitive developmental in which the preschool child learns to use language as a means of exploring the world
  4. d the scientific study of the changes that occur in people as they age from conception until death
  5. e the influence of our inherited characterisitics on our personality, physical, intellectual growth, and social interactions

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  1. often called fraternal twins, occuring when two eggs each get fertilized by two different sperm, resulting in two zygotes in the uterus at the same time
  2. in a piagets theory, the tendency of a young child to focus only on one feature of an object while ignoring other relevant features
  3. the first two weeks after fertilization, during which the zygote moves down the uterus and beings to implant in the lining embryo name for weeks after fertilization
  4. the moment at which a female becomes pregnant
  5. formed when one zygote splites into two seprate masses of cells, each of which develops into a separate embryo

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  1. conservationthe moment at which a female becomes pregnant


  2. concrete operations stagethird stage of cognitive development in which the school age child becomes capable of logical thought processes but is not yet capable of abstract thinking


  3. Chromosomereferring to a gene that actively controls the expression of a trait


  4. recessivereffering to a gene that only influences the expression of a trait when paired with an identical gene


  5. objectthe female sex cell, or egg


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