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  1. Conception
  2. teratogen
  3. cognitive development
  4. zygote
  5. Chromosome
  1. a tightly wound strand of genetic material of dna
  2. b the moment at which a female becomes pregnant
  3. c the development of thinking, problem solving, and memory scheme (plural schemas) a mental concept formed through experiences with objects and events
  4. d cell resulting from the uniting of the ovum and sprem; divides into many cells, eventually forming the baby
  5. e any factor that can cause a birth defect

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  1. special molecule that contains the genetic material of the organism
  2. the science of inherited traits
  3. formed when one zygote splites into two seprate masses of cells, each of which develops into a separate embryo
  4. Vygotsky
    process in which a more skilled learner gives help to a less skilled learner, reducing the amount of help as the less skilled learner becomes more capable
  5. piagets second stage of cognitive developmental in which the preschool child learns to use language as a means of exploring the world

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  1. fetusthe influence of our inherited characterisitics on our personality, physical, intellectual growth, and social interactions


  2. recessivethe science of inherited traits


  3. zone of proximal developmentvygotsky's theory

    the difference between what a child can do alone and what that child can do with the help of teacher.


  4. ovumname for the devloping organism from eight weeks after fertilization to the birth of the baby


  5. objectpermanence the knowledge that an object exists even when that an object exists even when it is not in sight


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