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  1. preoperational stage
  2. embryonic period
  3. DNA
  4. Human Developmetn
  5. sensorimotor stage
  1. a the perioid from two to eight weeks after fertilization, during which the major organs and structures of the organism develop
  2. b piagets second stage of cognitive developmental in which the preschool child learns to use language as a means of exploring the world
  3. c the scientific study of the changes that occur in people as they age from conception until death
  4. d piagets first stage of cognitive dev. in which the infant uses its senses and motor abilities to interact with objects in the environment
  5. e special molecule that contains the genetic material of the organism

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  1. times during which environmental influence can have an impact of the development of the infant
  2. cell resulting from the uniting of the ovum and sprem; divides into many cells, eventually forming the baby
  3. often called fraternal twins, occuring when two eggs each get fertilized by two different sperm, resulting in two zygotes in the uterus at the same time
  4. the development of thinking, problem solving, and memory scheme (plural schemas) a mental concept formed through experiences with objects and events
  5. any factor that can cause a birth defect

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  1. Scaffoldingthe moment at which a female becomes pregnant


  2. Geneticssection of dna having the same arrangement of chemical elemets


  3. naturename for the devloping organism from eight weeks after fertilization to the birth of the baby


  4. Chromosomereferring to a gene that actively controls the expression of a trait


  5. formal operationpiagets last stage of cognitive devlopment in which the adolescent becomes capable of abstact thiking


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