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A communicable disease may be defined as

an infectious disease capable of being
passed to another by contact

with an infected person

their body fluids, or infected

For the purpose of this directive

universal precautions will apply

Universal Precautions is an accepted method of control

to protect employees from
exposure to all human blood or other potentially infectious materials

In following
universal precautions all blood or other potentially infectious material

will be
considered infectious, regardless of the perceived status of the source individual

Primary diseases of concern to law enforcement employees which are considered to
be communicable are as follows

1. HIV
2. Hepatitis
3. Tuberculosis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention U.S. Public
Health Service

casual contact such as touching a person's skin, shaking
hands, or touching a door knob touched by another person, etc., does not
transmit the AIDS virus

If a glove becomes torn

the glove should be removed immediately and a new
glove should be used

In case of a needlestick

the glove should be removed
immediately and the wound scrubbed with hot soapy water

A rinse of
household bleach solution

1:10 dilution, 1 ½ cups of bleach to 1 gallon of

is an adequate deactivating agent

for most infectious pathogens

bleach solution should be prepared daily

or on an as needed basis to be

Protective gear such as gloves, masks, etc., should be deposited

in a trash
Receptacle after use

Supersaturated (blood/body fluid soaked) materials are
To be placed in a plastic bag

obtained from the Property/Evidence Section


and/or specified locations within the Jails and
Prisons Division Facilities

Use extraordinary care when conducting searches

of suspects, inmates,
Cells, inmate's property, vehicles, residences, etc

never blindly place hands
In areas

where there may be sharp objects which could puncture the skin

If employees have an open cut or abrasion on their hands

they are required to
use protection through the use of gloves

Employees should ensure that all open wounds or cuts on their person are

so that direct contact with contaminated body fluids can be

Although saliva has not been proven to be implicated in the transmission of

all precautions to prevent exposure should be taken

Other highly
Contagious diseases may be transmitted via saliva or droplet spray

Therefore direct mouth-to-mouth contact should not be utilized in
Resuscitation procedures

The issued CPR pocket mask should be utilized

When administering CPR

The issued, disposable facemask with protective eye

shield shall be used
When dealing with injured/sick individuals to prevent exposure of mucous
Membranes of the mouth, nose, or eyes

Anytime an officer transports another person for any reason: precautions
should be taken which will minimize

the risk of being contaminated by
airborne pathogens

Examples of these
precautions are:
a. Opening at least one of the vehicle's window and
b. Positioning the vehicle's air conditioner

this will allow fresh air to
circulate through vehicle

12. A detailed written report regarding any suspected exposures to a
communicable disease

body fluids of another or human bite incident shall:
be completed

It is recommended that officers wear two sets of gloves doubling

when an
abundance of body fluid is present

Full treatment for most communicable diseases can be initiated

within 48 to 72 hours without complications

therefore it is
recommended that unless an Emergency Room physician deems

follow-up care for exposure cases should be through the
Occupational Health Clinic


e. Employees should call for an appointment on follow-ups

telephone contact with the clinic

employees shall identify
themselves as a Sheriff's Office employee and explain that he has
been involved in an exposure incident

It is imperative that employees experiencing a "high risk" exposure incident

blood, needle puncture, human bite, seek treatment immediately

Medical personnel advise that preventative treatment should start within

to four hours of exposure in order to be most effective in lessening the

In the event an employee is involved in an exposure incident

facilities located within the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, Montgomery
Correctional Center, and the Community Transition Center have been
designated as decontamination sites

The Sheriff's Occupational Nurse will

routinely review each exposure
incident for assessment of training needs

In the event where an employees was possibly exposed to a communicable
Disease by blood or bodily fluid

the following procedure will be followed

1. If the suspect is in custody

contact the on-duty watch commander at the
Pre-trial Detention Facility (PDF) to coordinate the testing with the
Division of Health Services

Testing will normally be conducted

0800-1700 the next business day

The watch commander will contact the Division of Health Services
personnel responsible for the test

and will advise the affected employee
of whom to report to for testing

If personnel cannot provide this

the watch commander will notify the Division of Health
Services Infection Prevention and Control Nurse at phone number 630-

4. If the suspect does not consent to testing

blood or other necessary fluid
will be taken under the authority of Administrative Order 98-5

Every effort should be made to have the blood test made immediately

after the
injury is noted and at intervals suggested by the employee's physician

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