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  1. Old Northwest
  2. Besides George Washington, the most influential figures in the constitutional convention included
  3. Small state plan
  4. The primary political obstacle to the formation of the first American government under the Articles of Confederation was
  5. Shays Rebellion contributed to the movement for a new constitution by
  1. a the territory north of the ohio and east of the mississippi governed by the acts of 1785 and 1797
  2. b Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton
  3. c raising the fear of anarchy and disorder among wealthy conservatives
  4. d the plan proposed by new jeresy (william patterson) for a unicameral legislature with equal representation of states regardless of size aand population
  5. e disputes among the jealous states over control of western lands

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  1. one-square mile areas, thirty six of which composed a township, with one area set aside for the support of schools
  2. cutting off American trade with the British empire
  3. the offical under the new constitution who would be commander in cheif of the armed forces, appoint judges and other officals, and have the power to veto legislation
  4. legislation that provided for the orderly transformation of the western territories into states
  5. a failed revolt in 1786 by poor debtor farmers that raised fears of mobocracy

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  1. In the new state constitutions written after the Revolution, the most powerful branch of government wasa legislative branch


  2. The Federalist and fears that New York would be left out of the unionmade federalists promise to add a bill of rights to the Constitution


  3. Antifederaliststhe opponents of the constitution who argued against creating such a strong central government


  4. Federalistswealthy conservatives devoted to republicanism who engineered a nonviolent political transformation


  5. Daniel Shaysfrustrated foreign affairs secretary under the articles; one of the three authors of The Federalist


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