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  1. anti-federalists
  2. Antifederalists
  3. The greatest weakness of the government under the Articles of Confederation was that
  4. Daniel Shays
  5. In the new state constitutions written after the Revolution, the most powerful branch of government was
  1. a a legislative branch
  2. b it had no power to regulate commerce or collect taxes from the sovereign states
  3. c the opponents of the constitution who argued against creating such a strong central government
  4. d war veteran who led poor farmers in a revolt that failed but had far reaching consequences
  5. e group that failed to block the central government they feared but did not force the promise of a bill of rights

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  1. the idea that American women had a special responsibility to cultivate civic virtue in their children
  2. brought about somewhat greater social and economic equality and the virtual end of slavery in the north
  3. the poorer debtors and farmers
  4. a list of guarantees that federalists promised to add to the constitution in order to win ratification
  5. wealthy conservatives devoted to republicanism who engineered a nonviolent political transformation

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  1. Antifederalist fears that the Constitution would destroy libertiesfinally brought New York to ratify the Constitution by a narrow margin


  2. Temporarythe status of a western area under the Northwest Ordinance after it established an organized government but before it became a state


  3. The "Great Compromise" in the constitutional convention provided thatthere would be representation by population in the house of representaives but equal representation of all states in the senate


  4. The crucial federalists successes in the fight for ratification occurred in the states ofMassachusetts, Virginia, and New York


  5. The weakness of the articles of confederationnearly bankrupted the national government and invited assaults on American interests by foreign powers


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