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  1. Bill of rights
  2. The conflict in the constitution convention between large and small states
  3. Virginia statue for religious freedom
  4. Among the important changes brought about by the American Revolution was
  5. Daniel Shays
  1. a a list of guarantees that federalists promised to add to the constitution in order to win ratification
  2. b legislation passed by an alliance of jefferson and the baptists that disestablished the anglican church
  3. c the increasing separation of church and state
  4. d forced the adoption of the great compromise which required a bicameral legislature with two different bases of representation
  5. e war veteran who led poor farmers in a revolt that failed but had far reaching consequences

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  1. one-square mile areas, thirty six of which composed a township, with one area set aside for the support of schools
  2. laid the basis for the virginia statute for religious freedom
  3. a legislative branch
  4. young new yorker who argued eloquently for the constitution even though he favored an even stronger central government
  5. the compromise between north and south that resulted in each slave being counted as 60 percent of a free person for purposes of representation

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  1. Old Northwestthe territory north of the ohio and east of the mississippi governed by the acts of 1785 and 1797


  2. James Madisonwar veteran who led poor farmers in a revolt that failed but had far reaching consequences


  3. Society of Cincinnatian exclusive order of military officers that aroused strong democratic opposition


  4. One way that American independence actually harmed the nations economic fortunes was bythe idea of a written constitutuion drafted by a convention and ratified by direct vote of the people


  5. Massachusettswealthy conservatives devoted to republicanism who engineered a nonviolent political transformation


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