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  1. The disestablishment of the Anglican church
  2. Despite the Revolutions emphasis on human rights and equality, the founding fathers failed to abolish slavery because
  3. Virginia statue for religious freedom
  4. Shays Rebellion contributed to the movement for a new constitution by
  5. Among the important changes brought about by the American Revolution was
  1. a laid the basis for the virginia statute for religious freedom
  2. b the increasing separation of church and state
  3. c of their political fear that a fight over slavery would destroy fragile national unity
  4. d legislation passed by an alliance of jefferson and the baptists that disestablished the anglican church
  5. e raising the fear of anarchy and disorder among wealthy conservatives

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  1. legislation that provided for the orderly transformation of the western territories into states
  2. forced acceotance of the three fiths compromise counting each slave as 3/5ths of a person for purpose of representation
  3. an exclusive order of military officers that aroused strong democratic opposition
  4. the opponents of the constitution who argued against creating such a strong central government
  5. the idea of a written constitutuion drafted by a convention and ratified by direct vote of the people

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  1. Federalistsgroup that failed to block the central government they feared but did not force the promise of a bill of rights


  2. Attempts to establish strong governments in post-Revolutionary America were seriously hindered bythe idea of a written constitutuion drafted by a convention and ratified by direct vote of the people


  3. John Jaythe status of a western area under the Northwest Ordinance after it established an organized government but before it became a state


  4. The greatest weakness of the government under the Articles of Confederation was thatit had no power to regulate commerce or collect taxes from the sovereign states


  5. Temporaryfrustrated foreign affairs secretary under the articles; one of the three authors of The Federalist


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