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  1. Large State plan
  2. The conflict in the constitution convention between large and small states
  3. Temporary
  4. The Federalist and fears that New York would be left out of the union
  5. George Washington
  1. a the status of a western area under the Northwest Ordinance after it established an organized government but before it became a state
  2. b forced the adoption of the great compromise which required a bicameral legislature with two different bases of representation
  3. c unanimously elected chairman of the secret convention of demi-gods
  4. d the plan proposed by Virginia (Randolph) at the constitutional convention for a bicameral legislature with representation based on population
  5. e finally brought New York to ratify the Constitution by a narrow margin

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  1. war veteran who led poor farmers in a revolt that failed but had far reaching consequences
  2. the plan proposed by new jeresy (william patterson) for a unicameral legislature with equal representation of states regardless of size aand population
  3. disputes among the jealous states over control of western lands
  4. the revolutionary ideology that preached natural rights and suspicion of all governmental authority
  5. the opponents of the constitution who argued against creating such a strong central government

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  1. Despite the Revolutions emphasis on human rights and equality, the founding fathers failed to abolish slavery becausethe increasing separation of church and state


  2. Alexander Hamiltonfather of the constitution and author of Federalist No. 10


  3. John Jayfrustrated foreign affairs secretary under the articles; one of the three authors of The Federalist


  4. The weakness of the articles of confederationdocument of 1781 that was put out of buisness by the constitution


  5. The "Great Compromise" in the constitutional convention provided thatthere would be representation by population in the house of representaives but equal representation of all states in the senate


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