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  1. Blank verse
  2. Alliteration
  3. Imagery
  4. Enjambment
  5. Onomatopoeia
  1. a Unrhymed verse having a regular meter
  2. b The repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words
  3. c The use of words to imitate the sounds they describe
  4. d The continuation of a syntactic unit from one line or couplet of a poem to the next with no pause
  5. e Descriptions that appeal to any one of or combination of the five senses

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  1. A brief reference to a historical or literary figure, event, or object
  2. Poetry without a regular pattern of meter or rhyme
  3. The topic of a poem
  4. The repetition of similar vowel sounds in a line of poetry or prose
  5. A fixed number of lines of verse forming a unit of a poem

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  1. End rhymeThe repetition of sounds in words usually, but not exclusively, at the end lines of poetry


  2. MeterThe rhythm established by a poem


  3. ConsonanceThe repetition of consonant sounds


  4. RhymeThe topic of a poem


  5. VerseA single metrical line in a poetic composition


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