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  1. Japanese Internment was constitutional because individual or group rights may be limited to protect "national security"
  2. Meeting between Stalin, Truman and Churchill about dividing up Germany and led to the Cold War
  3. Isolationism
  4. Propaganda tool to encourage women to take factory jobs
  5. International peace-keeping organization founded after WWII and joined by the USA. Unlike the League of Nations which the US did not join after WWI, the actions of Nazi Germany and Japan as well as the the threat of the Soviet Union showed that the USA could no longer remain neutral and isolated.
  6. Agreement between the US and Great Britain that became the basis for the United Nations (UN)

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  1. Nuremberg TrialsHeld the Nazi and Japanese leaders responsible for war crime in WWII


  2. Internment CampsCaused in WWII by the USA being forced to fight the Nazis/Italy in the "Atlantic Theater" and the Japanese in the "Pacific Theater"


  3. Pearl HarborHow the US financed WWII


  4. War BondsConserving food and oil for the war efort


  5. Yalta Conference1945 Meeting between Allied leaders; FDR, Churchill, and Stalin during WWII to plan for post-war, signs that US Britain feared future Communist expansion.


  6. RationingConserving food and oil for the war efort


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