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  1. How the US financed WWII
  2. Two cities that the US dropped atomic bombs on in order to end war with Japan during WWII. Some believe it was also a warning to the Communist Soviet Union.
  3. FDR's justification for lending weapons to the British to fight the Nazis in what was known as the Lend Lease Act.
  4. Used to hold Japanese-American citizens due to fear of spies and sabateurs during WWII
  5. Japanese sneak attack that led to US involvement in WWII
  6. Isolationism

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  1. Manhattan ProjectTop secret program to build an atomic bomb


  2. 2 Front WarConserving food and oil for the war efort


  3. United NationsConserving food and oil for the war efort


  4. Yalta ConferenceMeeting between Stalin, Truman and Churchill about dividing up Germany and led to the Cold War


  5. Nuremberg TrialsHeld the Nazi and Japanese leaders responsible for war crime in WWII


  6. Atlantic CharterAgreement between the US and Great Britain that became the basis for the United Nations (UN)


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