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  1. Hepheastus
  2. Artemis
  3. Apollo
  4. Thucydides
  5. Ares
  1. a God of the Forge
  2. b God of Hunt and moon
  3. c Goddess of Light, Truth, Beauty, and Music
  4. d God of War
  5. e History- Wrote as things were happening

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  1. The defeat of 300 Spartans
  2. God of Sea
  3. King of gods, and Lord of Sky
  4. Tragic Playwright
  5. Philosopher "The Perfectionist"

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  1. SapphoGoddess of Light, Truth, Beauty, and Music


  2. HeraQueen of Gods, Goddess of Marriage


  3. HippocratesMedicine- must treat everyone


  4. SocratesA philosopher "The Questioner"


  5. HermesGod of War


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