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  1. Hades
  2. Sappho
  3. Apollo
  4. Marathon
  5. Zeus
  1. a King of gods, and Lord of Sky
  2. b Battle where Athens defeats Persian- Big surprise
  3. c Goddess of Light, Truth, Beauty, and Music
  4. d Lyric Poet
  5. e Lord of the Underworld

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  1. Messenger of the Gods
  2. Queen of Gods, Goddess of Marriage
  3. History- Told stories, wrote about past
  4. Comic Playwright
  5. God of Love

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  1. HippocratesMedicine- must treat everyone


  2. SalamisNaval Battle- wins Persian War


  3. PlatoStory of Trojan War


  4. PoseidonGod of Sea


  5. OdysseyMessenger of the Gods


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