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  1. Describe the perineum
  2. deviations of the cervix to either side might indicate what?
  3. what do you check the bartholin glands for?
  4. A unilateral labia majora may indicate what?
  5. a cervix pointing posteriorly would indicate what type of uterus?
  1. a pelvic mass, uterine adhesion or pregnancy
  2. b bartholin gland infection
  3. c swelling, masses tenderness, warmth, discharge
  4. d anteverted
  5. e smooth and thick. Unless pregnant.

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  1. anemia
  2. fishy odor which would equal bacterial vaginosis
  3. vaginal infection or poor hygiene
  4. 20
  5. traumatic bruising

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  1. define a nulliparous womanmay be gaping or closed and may appear dry or moist. symmetrical


  2. the cervix should protrude ___-__ cm into the vagina and anything more can indicaate a pelvic or uterine mass1-3cm


  3. what causes PIDNeisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis


  4. a horizontal position of the cervix would indicate what position of the uterus?midposition


  5. How does the os of a multiparous woman vary from a nulliparous womana woman who has no children


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