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  1. scratching of the labia majora would be obvious because of what?
  2. what is the lower end of the uterus called?
  3. what do you check the bartholin glands for?
  4. what are the risk factors for anal cancer?
  5. PID could be a serious complication of some what?
  1. a excoriation, rashes, or lesions
  2. b older than 90. infection with HIP, multiple sex partners, having receptive anal intercourse, frequent anal redness, swelling and soreness, anal fissure. smoking/ immunosuppresion
  3. c swelling, masses tenderness, warmth, discharge
  4. d STI
  5. e cervix

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  1. a woman who has no children
  2. GC and chlamydia
  3. smooth and thick. Unless pregnant.
  4. bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis
  5. increased varicosity, pregnancy

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  1. where should the cervix be located?midline


  2. uterine prolapse is the result of what?weakiening of the supporting structures of the pelvic floor often occuring with a cystocele or rectocele


  3. a horizontal position of the cervix would indicate what position of the uterus?anteverted


  4. Ulcers or vesicles in the labia minora could be a sign of ?traumatic bruising


  5. Discoloration or tenderness of the labia minora could indicateSTI


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