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  1. what causes PID
  2. what color should the cervix be?
  3. what would a bluish cervix indicate?
  4. Discoloration or tenderness of the labia minora could indicate
  5. PID could be a serious complication of some what?
  1. a traumatic bruising
  2. b pink.
  3. c STI
  4. d increased varicosity, pregnancy
  5. e Neisseria gonorrhoeae and Chlamydia trachomatis

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  1. fishy odor which would equal bacterial vaginosis
  2. older than 50, family hx of colorectal cancer, intestinal polyps, chronic inflammatory bowel disease, Gardner syndrome, personal hx or ovarian, endometrial or breast cancer, diet high in beef and animal fats, low in fiber, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity. alcohol intake
  3. GC and chlamydia
  4. older than 50, black, family history of prostate cancer, diet high in animal fat, physical inactivity, high level of exposure to androgens
  5. anyone with risks of STIs

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  1. A non tender mass in the bartholin glands is an indicator of a bartholin cyst, which is the result of what?chronic inflammation


  2. what does the liquid based cytology test for?HPV, GC, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis


  3. define a nulliparous womancan be symmetrical or assymmetrical and the inner surface should be moist and dark pink


  4. What are the risks for breast cancerincreases with age, female, personal or family history, previous breast biopsies, white women, previous breast radiation, menarche before 12 and menopause after 35. dense or fatty breast tissue, nulliparity, or first child after age 30, HT, alcohol, obesity, lack of physical activity


  5. Describe the perineumsmooth and thick. Unless pregnant.


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