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  1. What are the risk factors for penile cancer?
  2. what does the liquid based cytology test for?
  3. A unilateral labia majora may indicate what?
  4. what is the lower end of the uterus called?
  5. what are the risk factors for anal cancer?
  1. a lack of circumcision with failure to maintain good hygiene, phimosis, HPV, age, smoking
  2. b older than 90. infection with HIP, multiple sex partners, having receptive anal intercourse, frequent anal redness, swelling and soreness, anal fissure. smoking/ immunosuppresion
  3. c bartholin gland infection
  4. d cervix
  5. e HPV, GC, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis

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  1. it would thin after each birth and it could be ridged
  2. an infection
  3. estrogen and progesterone
  4. fishy odor which would equal bacterial vaginosis
  5. pink.

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  1. Ulcers or vesicles in the labia minora could be a sign of ?traumatic bruising


  2. what do you check the bartholin glands for?5 and 7 o'clock


  3. a cervix pointing posteriorly would indicate what type of uterus?retroverted


  4. What are ovarian cancer risks?early menarche, infertility, nulliparity, number of menstrual cycles in lifetime, use of fertility drugs, personal history, BRCA1 or 2, white women, HRT, bad diet


  5. what does the wet prep test for?bacterial vaginosis and trichomoniasis


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