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  1. 409.03(c)
  2. 409.03(h)
  3. 402
  4. 409.01(d)
  5. 409.01(f)
  1. a Processing and Acceptance of a 37 CFR 1.47 Application
  2. b Power of Attorney; Acting in a Representative Capacity
  3. c Exception in Some Foreign Countries
  4. d Legal Representative of Deceased Inventor Not Available
  5. e Intervention of Executor Not Compulsory

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  1. At Least One Joint Inventor Available
  2. Appointment/Revocation by Less Than All Applicants or Owners
  3. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Cannot Aid in Selection of Attorney
  4. If Applicant of Assigned Application Dies
  5. Attorney or Agent Withdraws

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  1. 409.03(f)Proof of Proprietary Interest


  2. 403.02Two>Patent Practioner<for Some Application


  3. 409.01(a)After Administrator or Executor Has Been Discharged


  4. 402.08Attorney or Agent Withdraws


  5. 409.03(i)Rights of the Nonsigning Inventor


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