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  1. 402.07
  2. 402.01
  3. 409.03
  4. 409.01(d)
  5. 403.01
  1. a Assignee Can Revoke Power of Attorney of Applicant and Appoint New Power of Attorney
  2. b Unavailability of Inventor
  3. c Correspondence held wit Associate Attorney
  4. d Exceptions as to Registration
  5. e Exception in Some Foreign Countries

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  1. If Applicant of Assigned Application Dies
  2. At Least One Joint Inventor Available
  3. Appointment/Revocation by Less Than All Applicants or Owners
  4. Death of Inventor
  5. Representations to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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  1. 402Telephoning >Patent Practitioner<


  2. 409.01(c)After Administrator or Executor Has Been Discharged


  3. 404>Patent Practitioner< Not of Record


  4. 409.01(a)Prosecution by Administrator of Executor


  5. 403Death of >Patent Practitioner<


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