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  1. 713.04
  2. 704.11
  3. 719.02
  4. 713.01
  5. 713.03
  1. a Substance of Interview Must Be Made of Record
  2. b What Information May Be Required
  3. c Interview for "Sounding Out Examiner Not Permitted
  4. d Data Entered on File Wrapper
  5. e General Policy, How Conducted

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  1. Reconsideration of Holding of Abandonment Revival
  2. Contrasted With Objections
  3. Examiner Should Immediately Inspect
  4. Rejection on Prior Art
  5. Primary Examiner Indicates Action for New Assistant

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  1. 710.02Two Periods Running


  2. 704.14Replies to a Requirement for Information


  3. 711.02How much of the Claimed Invention Must Be Shown, Including the General Rule as to Generic Claims


  4. 714.12Amendments and Other Replies After Final Rejection or Action


  5. 719.06Classification During Examination


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