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  1. 904.02(b)
  2. 903.08(e)
  3. 903.08(b)
  4. 903.08(c)
  5. 903.04
  1. a General Regulations Governing the Assignment or Nonprovisional Applications for Examination
  2. b Classification and Assignment to Exam
  3. c Immediate Inspection of Amendments
  4. d Search Tool Selection
  5. e Classifying Applications for Publication as a Patent Application Publication

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  1. Borrowing References
  2. US Patents
  3. Issuing in Another TC Without Transfer
  4. Variant Embodiments Within Scope of Claim
  5. Class and Subclass Definitions

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  1. 901.06(b)Abstracts, Abbreviatures, and Defensive Publications


  2. 903.05Addition, Deletion, or Transfer of US Patents and US Patent Application Publications


  3. 902.02(a)Reclassification Alert Report


  4. 901.06(c)Alien Property Custodian Publications


  5. 903.02(b)Scope of a Class


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