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  1. 902.03(e)
  2. 905.06
  3. 902.01(a)
  4. 901.05(b)
  5. 902.04(a)
  1. a Patent Family Information
  2. b Automated Search Tools: East and West
  3. c Reclassification Alert Report
  4. d Index to the US Patent Classification System
  5. e Borrowed Publications

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  1. Foreign Patent Documents
  2. Arrangement of Art in Technology Centers (TC)
  3. Internet Searching
  4. Cross-Referencing--Keep Systematic Notes During Prosecution
  5. General Regulations Governing the Assignment or Nonprovisional Applications for Examination

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  1. 904How to Search


  2. 903.02(c)New and Revised Classes


  3. 904.02(a)Definition Notes


  4. 901.05(d)Translation of Prior Art


  5. 902.03(a)Classification Insight on USPTO Local Area Network (LAN)


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