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  1. 1895.01
  2. 1844.01
  3. 1878.02
  4. 1823
  5. 1853
  1. a Preparing the International Search Report (Form PCT/ISA/210)
  2. b Reply to the Written Opinion of the ISA or IPEA
  3. c The Description
  4. d Handling and Considerations in the Handling of Continuations, Divisions, and CIP of PCT Applications
  5. e Amendment Under PCT Article 19

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  1. The Request
  2. Signature of Applicant
  3. Transmittal of the International Preliminary Examination Report
  4. The EPO as an ISA
  5. Confidential Nature of the Report

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  1. 1844Correspondence


  2. 1860.01Preparing the Written Opinion of the ISA (Form PCT/ISA/237)


  3. 1852Taking Into Account Results of Earlier Search(es)


  4. 1827.01Prior Art Effect of the International Publication


  5. 1846Sequence Listings and Tables Related to Sequence Listings


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