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  1. 1864.04
  2. 1866
  3. 1877
  4. 1895.01
  5. 1864
  1. a Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listings During the International Preliminary Examination
  2. b Agent's Right To Act
  3. c Filing in of Headings on Chapter II Forms
  4. d The Demand and Preparation for Filing of Demand
  5. e Handling and Considerations in the Handling of Continuations, Divisions, and CIP of PCT Applications

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  1. Licence Request for Foreign Under PCT
  2. Preparing the Written Opinion of the ISA (Form PCT/ISA/237)
  3. Use of Telegraph, Teleprinter, Facsimile Machine
  4. Earlier Search
  5. Notation of Errors and Informatlities by the Examiner

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  1. 1846Sections of the Articles, Regulations, and Administrative Instructions Under the PCT Relevant to the ISA


  2. 1845A Continuation, Divisional, or CIP Application of a PCT


  3. 1893.03Prosecution of U.S. National Stage Application Before the Examiner


  4. 1860.01The EPO as an International Preliminary Examining Authority


  5. 1828Signature of Applicant


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