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  1. 1874
  2. 1827
  3. 1834.01
  4. 1810
  5. 1875
  1. a Determination if International Preliminary Examinations Is Required and Possible
  2. b Fees
  3. c Unity of Invention Before the International Preliminary Examining Authority
  4. d Use of Telegraph, Teleprinter, Facsimile Machine
  5. e Filing Date Requirements

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  1. Unity of Invention Before the ISA
  2. The International Searching Authority (ISA)
  3. Request for Rectification and Notification of Action Thereon
  4. Agreement With the International Bureau To Serve as and International Preliminary Examining Authority
  5. Taking Into Account Results of Earlier Search(es)

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  1. 1842Licence Request for Foreign Under PCT


  2. 1868Correction of Defects in the Demand


  3. 1871.01Processing Amendments Filed Under Article 19 and Article 34 Prior to or at the Start of International Applications Having an International Filing Date Before January 1, 2004


  4. 1844The International Searching Authority (ISA)


  5. 1864.04Confidential Nature of the Report


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