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  1. 1845.02
  2. 1832
  3. 1845
  4. 1853
  5. 1821
  1. a Notification of Transmittal of the International Search Report and the Written Opinion of the ISA or the Declaration (Form PCT/ISA/220)
  2. b Licence Request for Foreign Under PCT
  3. c Writtern Opinion of the ISA
  4. d The Request
  5. e Amendment Under PCT Article 19

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  1. The Drawings
  2. Notation of Errors and Informatlities by the Examiner
  3. Sections of the Articles, Regulations, and Administrative Instructions Under the PCT Relevant to the ISA
  4. Time Limit for Preparing Report in IAs Having an International Filing Date On or After January 1, 2004
  5. Filing of Demand

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  1. 1830Priority Document and Translation Thereof


  2. 1895.01Handling and Considerations in the Handling of Continuations, Divisions, and CIP of PCT Applications


  3. 1879.04Translations


  4. 1876.01Request for Rectification and Notification of Action Thereon


  5. 1843.03Certain Subject Matter Need Not Be Searched


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