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  1. 1836
  2. 1874
  3. 1877
  4. 1870
  5. 1842
  1. a Rectification of Obvious Mistakes
  2. b Basic Flow Under PCT
  3. c Priority Document and Translation Thereof
  4. d Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listings During the International Preliminary Examination
  5. e Determination if International Preliminary Examinations Is Required and Possible

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  1. Priority Claim and Document
  2. States Which May Be Elected
  3. Agreement With the International Bureau To Serve as and International Preliminary Examining Authority
  4. The Drawings
  5. Applicant's Right To File a Demand

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  1. 1875.01The EPO as an International Preliminary Examining Authority


  2. 1845Writtern Opinion of the ISA


  3. 1893.02Abandonment


  4. 1880Priority Document and Translation Thereof


  5. 1823.02Nucleotide and/or Amino Acid Sequence Listings, and Tables Related to Sequence Listings


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