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  1. 1817.02
  2. 1844
  3. 1808
  4. 1875.01
  5. 1843.05
  1. a Change in or Revocation of the Appointment of an Agent or a Common Representative
  2. b Preparation of Invitation Concerning Unity
  3. c Continuation or Continuation-in-Part Indication in the Request
  4. d The International Search Report
  5. e Time Limit for Establishing the International Search Report and the Written Opinion of the ISA

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  1. Correction of Defects in the Demand
  2. No Search Required if Claims Are Unclear
  3. Transmittal of the International Preliminary Examination Report
  4. The Korean Intellectual Property Office as an ISA
  5. Writtern Opinion of the ISA

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  1. 1843.04Prior Art for Chapter I Processing


  2. 1819Notification to International Bureau of Demand


  3. 1850Withdrawal of Demand or Election


  4. 1865Filing of Demand


  5. 1859Withdrawal of IA, Designations, or Priority Claims


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