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  1. Which is not an eligibility requirement for President of the United States?
  2. The president can erase the guilt and restore the rights of anyone convicted of a federal crime, except an impeached president, through the
  3. The purpose of the National Security Council is to
  4. The president has the power to __________ bills passed by Congress before they become law, by refusing to sign them and sending them back to the chamber in which they originated, with his objections.
  5. If impeachment proceedings are initiated, who holds the trial?
  1. a must hold a college degree from a U.S. university
  2. b veto
  3. c Senate
  4. d advise the president on foreign and defense policy.
  5. e pardon power.

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  1. commutation
  2. Congress
  3. Granting pardons and reprieves
  4. withhold information from Congress
  5. insignificant.

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  1. When someone lies under oath it is referred to as:perjury.


  2. What are the formal responsibilities of the first lady?All of the above


  3. Which of the following presidential actions does not require congressional approval?declare war.


  4. The Senate decides about removing accused presidentsAll of the above


  5. The president's power to recognize a foreign countryan informal duty or role.


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