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  1. What are the formal responsibilities of the first lady?
  2. One of the president's inherent powers is the authority to issue directives or proclamations, called _________, that have the force of law as long as they do not contradict the Constitution.
  3. The roles of chief diplomat and commander in chief affords the president tremendous power over
  4. When a president issues a regulation that has the effect of law, it is called an executive
  5. The president's power to recognize a foreign country
  1. a foreign affairs.
  2. b executive orders
  3. c None
  4. d requires no ratification or consultation.
  5. e order

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  1. have only a limited basis in the Constitution.
  2. declare war.
  3. executive privilege.
  4. All of the above
  5. balance the ticket ideologically

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  1. The Senate decides about removing accused presidentsreport to Congress on the "State of the Union."


  2. A presidential _______________ is usually expressed as the percentage of the American public who say the president is doing a good job.approval rating


  3. The president's role as party leader ishave only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  4. Executive privilege is the president's right toappoints ambassadors, although the Senate must confirm them.


  5. The only constitutional power the president has to block congressional legislation is theveto


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