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  1. The Constitution clearly assigns the power to declare war to
  2. The right of a president to refuse to make some internal documents and private conversations public is
  3. The U.S. Constitution does not give the president power to
  4. The president's power to recognize a foreign country
  5. One of the most effective weapons the president has to influence the content of legislation is the
  1. a requires no ratification or consultation.
  2. b executive privilege.
  3. c Congress
  4. d power to veto legislation
  5. e declare war.

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  1. delegated by the Supreme Court
  2. although Congress passed a law granting presidents the power, the Supreme Court ruled the act unconstitutional.
  3. leader of a national party
  4. order
  5. Congress

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  1. The president's role as party leader ishave only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  2. Historically, vice presidents were chosen toonly recently been given significant responsibilities by the president.


  3. Although the president can negotiate a foreign treaty, he must turn for ratification tothe Senate


  4. Article ____ of the Constitution vests the executive power in the president.only the job of presiding over the Senate.


  5. Because a president in his second term cannot seek reelection, he is commonly referred to as a:lame duck


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