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  1. The president's power to recognize a foreign country
  2. The roles of chief diplomat and commander in chief affords the president tremendous power over
  3. The president's executive powers are stipulated in
  4. What are the formal responsibilities of the first lady?
  5. Presidents often prefer to negotiate executive agreements rather than treaties because
  1. a requires no ratification or consultation.
  2. b foreign affairs.
  3. c executive agreements do not need the consent of the Senate.
  4. d Article II of the Constitution.
  5. e None

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  1. Congress
  2. limited power to appoint or remove government officials.
  3. command forces in the event of war.
  4. allows him to recognize some governments and not others.
  5. declare war.

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  1. Who becomes president according to the Constitution when the president is removed from office, by death, resignation, or inability to perform the duties of the office?Congress


  2. A presidential _______________ is usually expressed as the percentage of the American public who say the president is doing a good job.approval rating


  3. The president's right to engage in communications with his advisers that he does not have to reveal is referred to as:Article II of the Constitution.


  4. With the president as commander in chief, the civilian control over the military.


  5. The vice president's traditional role in legislative leadership has been deemedan informal duty or role.


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