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  1. According to the intentions of the Constitution, the president in his role as commander in chief has the power to
  2. The president's powers as chief legislator
  3. The Constitution requires that the president report on the State of the Union
  4. Prior to the election of George Washington
  5. The president's executive powers are stipulated in
  1. a from time to time
  2. b have only a limited basis in the Constitution.
  3. c command forces in the event of war.
  4. d no national government had a president.
  5. e Article II of the Constitution.

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  1. All of the above
  2. although Congress passed a law granting presidents the power, the Supreme Court ruled the act unconstitutional.
  3. insignificant.
  4. only the job of presiding over the Senate.
  5. allows him to recognize some governments and not others.

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  1. As commander in chief, the presidentonly the job of presiding over the Senate.


  2. By law, the modern cabinet consists of the ____ department heads.15


  3. The president can erase the guilt and restore the rights of anyone convicted of a federal crime, except an impeached president, through theorder


  4. The State of the Union address has become a significant tool in the exercise of the president's function aschief legislator.


  5. What is it called if the president shortens a federal prison sentence?commutation


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