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  1. Who becomes president according to the Constitution when the president is removed from office, by death, resignation, or inability to perform the duties of the office?
  2. The Constitution requires that the president report on the State of the Union
  3. By law, the modern cabinet consists of the ____ department heads.
  4. Prior to the election of George Washington
  5. The president is the commander-in-chief of the United States:
  1. a All of the above
  2. b no national government had a president.
  3. c from time to time
  4. d vice president
  5. e 15

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  1. advise the president on foreign and defense policy.
  2. executive privilege.
  3. can determine military strategy if he chooses
  4. veto
  5. gives civilian control over the military.

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  1. The president has the power to appoint:have only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  2. One of the president's inherent powers is the authority to issue directives or proclamations, called _________, that have the force of law as long as they do not contradict the Constitution.have only a limited basis in the Constitution.


  3. Article ____ of the Constitution vests the executive power in the president.II


  4. The president can erase the guilt and restore the rights of anyone convicted of a federal crime, except an impeached president, through thepardon power.


  5. The only constitutional power the president has to block congressional legislation is theveto


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