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  1. The Lost Generation
  2. Al Capone
  3. New Negro
  4. Harlem Renaissance
  5. Ku Klux Klan
  1. a An outpouring of African American artistic expression in the 1920s and 30s
  2. b KKK
  3. c spirit of black racial pride and militancy that set a younger generation of African American artists and civil rights leaders apart from their predecessors
  4. d a gangster very well known for the underground alcohol trade
  5. e a group of people rebellios against victorianism--some even lived over-seas

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  1. Period when the Justice Department arrested and deported alien anarchists and Communists suspected of trying to destroy American democracy and capitalism
  2. an evangelical Christian theology that viewed the Bible as an authentic recounting of historical events and the absolute moral word of God
  3. A proposed constitutional amendment, which stated that equality of rights under the law should not be abridged due to "sex"
  4. Law that allowed unrestricted immigration from the Western Hemisphere, curtailed all Asian immigration, and used quotas to control how many immigrants emigrated from European nations
  5. young, carefree girls that dressed with bobs and short skirts and danced a lot

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  1. Marcus Garveya gangster very well known for the underground alcohol trade


  2. Albert B. Fallthe man involved in the Teapot Dome Scandal


  3. Eugenicistsa liberal Christian theology embraced in many urban areas that emphasized the ongoing revalation of the divine truth


  4. Kellogg-Briand PactTreaty that renounced aggressive was as an instrument of national policy


  5. Warren G. HardingPresident's Slogan: "A return to normalcy"


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