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  1. 2163.01
  2. 2171
  3. 2173.06
  4. 2182
  5. 2133.02
  1. a Support for the Claimed Subject Matter in Disclosure
  2. b Two Separate Requirements for Claims Under 35 USC 112, 2nd Paragraph
  3. c Scope of the Search and Identification of the Prior Art
  4. d Practice Compact Prosecution
  5. e Rejections Based on Publications and Patents

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  1. Tax Strategies Deemed Within the Prior Art
  2. Material or Article Worked Upon by Apparatus
  3. Patentable Subject Matter
  4. Claim Interpretation; Broadest Reasonable Interpretations
  5. Breadth Is not Indefiniteness

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  1. 2131.03"By another who has not abandoned, suppressed, or concealed it"


  2. 2113Requirements of Rejections Based on Inherency; Burden of Proof


  3. 2111.04"adapted to,""adapted for,""wherein," and "whereby" clauses


  4. 2136.04Different Inventive Entity; Meaning of :By Another"


  5. 2116Material Manipulated in Process


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