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  1. 2141.03
  2. 2173.03
  3. 2164.07
  4. 2165
  5. 2126.01
  1. a Correspondence Between Specification and Claims
  2. b Level of Ordinary Skill in the Art
  3. c Date of Availability of a Patent as Reference
  4. d The Best Mode Requirement
  5. e Relationship of Enablement Requirement to Utility Requirement of 35 USC 101 Enablement Commensurate in Scope With the Claims

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  1. Tax Strategies Deemed Within the Prior Art
  2. Patentable Subject Matter
  3. Suggestion or Motivation To Modify the References
  4. Compounds and Compositions--What Constitutes Enabling Prior Art
  5. Reliance on Common Knowledge in the Art or "Well Known" Prior Art

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  1. 2137.02"The Invention was made in this country"


  2. 2138.05"By another who has not abandoned, suppressed, or concealed it"


  3. 2126.02Scope of Reference's Disclosure Which Can Be Used to Reject Claims When the Reference Is a "Patent" but Not a "Publication"


  4. 2111.02Effect of Preamble


  5. 2182Requirements of Rejections Based on Inherency; Burden of Proof


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